1. Nasty1

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Hello to all my old friends!! What's up? Haven't been on here for almost 2 years. What's going on? Man has this site changed!!!
  2. L

    hey hey

    hey hey im back too and got married while i was gone wuz going on everyone :animal0019:
  3. lonely4eva

    hey its L4E, its been a minute but now i'm back

    hey everybody its me LONELY4EVA, have'nt been on 4 a while but now i'm back, hope 2 catch up wit my old friends on here and lookin 4ward 2 making new ones 2
  4. F

    hey everyone

    I Need Help With A Song I Will Be Very Grateful If Anyone Can Find This Artist The Lyrics Are Like This My First Kid Was True Love We Knew We Had It All But Thing Started Changing When I Recieve Your Call You Told Me You Love Me And I Believe My Heart Said Yes (then It Goes)so Why Can You...
  5. L

    hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey wuz up everyone man i haven't been on this sight for about 4 years i missed it so much wow!!!no more chat i see well take care everyone lvhrtz2 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol aka maria:animal0022:
  6. So_Dam_Fierce


    Not so new just forgot my user name and stuff good to be back
  7. T

    Hey Its Javier The Old Latinfreestyle21

    Hi everyone I am back It looks so diffrent from the last time i was on this I love this site but why so plane where is the big bright red clubfreestyle thingy at lol well anywaz it really dont matter Hi chuck d I angelino Hi nyasia HI CLUBFREESTYLE!!!!!!!!
  8. RENEE


    Well i guess I have to re introduce myself since its been SOOOO Long since i posted. I was one of the ORIGINAL members YEARSSSSSSSS ago when Jack G started this. I have alot of catch up on LOL Im Renee, 32, NJ...Use to be here 24/7 until i guess i just stopped LOL Got busy and stuff and this...
  9. T

    Hey Everyone!

    New account has been created here on CF!! This one will not be used anylonger
  10. T

    Hey Everyone I am Better

    Whats up everybody I am just writing to let you'll know that I am better and i no longer have cancer.
  11. ChuckD

    Hey everyone....guess what time it is???

    It's time for you to click this link..... http://www.clubfreestyle.com/forum/showthread.php?p=836822#post836822 and go to the Clubfreestyle People's Choice forum, and vote on your favorite freestyle songs. End the year with a bang, and put your votes up! Don't forget, I will also be posting...
  12. mzcrazybtch

    hey!! it's too

    It's too quiet here!! where is everyone these days? (or evenings?)
  13. D

    Hey can anyone help me with this song?

    I was on a plane to England in 1998 and I heard this song called All I Know by Orielle. All the songs that i've downloaded are crappy mixes and I can't seem to get a hold on the original mix. It brings back memories, when I listen to the mixes, but it isn't the same as I remember it. 4tune500...
  14. T

    hey what's up everyone

    hey what's up everyone Toronto_gino here it's been awhile since i've been on the site. does Stevie B have a new song out. and if so what's it called
  15. L

    Hey Everyone

    This Is A Pic Of Me And My Sister When She Got Married http://www.clubfreestyle.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=&stc=1
  16. L

    Hey Everybody

    Wow, Its Been A Real Long Time Since I Was On This Site. Its Great To Be Back. How Is Everyone Doing????????
  17. spanishfly053177

    Hey Lady_Manda

    Hey, Umm can you go to bed now so I can start my conquest in surpassing you in total post... Uhh yeah if you keep replying I might have to pull an "ALLNIGHTER" here... lol.:angered
  18. lady_Manda

    Hey! are you bored?

    http://www.big-boys.com/articles/scaretactics.html I swear this is sooo funny!! It made me laugh like crazy! lmao. :D
  19. D

    Hey Guys!!!

    its been a while! :stevieb <---:lol whats everyone been up to? :yeey
  20. ricanlips4u

    Hey All!!!

    How u guys doing?? Our internet @ home has been down for almost 3 wks now and will be down for another 3 they say..UGH! Having Withdrawals.. Wuz up?? Whats new? Chuck needs to gimme the highlights here.. Hows Nya and PG status?? HOpe all is good!! I was in Fla last weekend and had a...