1. J

    thanks to the fans who went to the copa

    I just wanted to thank everyone who went to the Copa last night. You guys are the reason that we do this. I also wanted to thank Smooth for road managing me last night when my road manager couldn't make it. Hey Smooth do you want the job???? I know that I have been out of sight for a while but...
  2. M

    Giants fans. Time to vent!!

    Last nights game vs San Diego(the team many think Eli snubbed), the Giants did not show up at all. Eli showed lots of heart in that hostile envinorment. But, the Giants defense looked like they were asleep. As for the big offensive playmakers; Toomer, Burress and Shoockey were dropping important...
  3. tanktruck

    LIL KIM Issues Statement To All Her Fans Here On CF & Across The World!!

    Kimberly Jones (aka Lil' Kim) issued the following statement today prior to reporting to prison: 'I have unfortunately been assigned to a federal detention center instead of a prison camp as discussed, in the City of Philadelphia. I am not certain that this constitutes fair & equal...
  4. heidee14

    For the Ricky Martin fans on CF...

    For anyone who likes my pal kiki "ricky martin".. has been doing some prromos in the clubs, radio stations, & tv around the states..for his upcoming CD "Life" well as his personal Worldwide Childrens Foundation Launching a Seperate Relief Fund, "LIFE for the Katrina CHILDREN Relief Fund"...
  5. D

    To all Flirts fans

    Howdy y'all! Ive been serching for along time to find out the lyrics for DANGER.Its quite an obssesion forme cause no one have it.Thanks a lot for relieving me for such a burden.
  6. Company B

    For fans of the 80's TV series/toys JEM!

    Good news, & bad news for fans, collectors, the curious, or those who have kids: The good news is, last year a friend of mine went to a toy show/comic convention, & the people from Hasbro were there, my friend asked: "Are u gonna re-release Jem anytime in the future, since u have re-released...
  7. NuJerz2001

    Yankees fans!! Check this out!

    Yankees to announce $800 million ballpark By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer June 14, 2005 NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Yankees will announce detailed plans Wednesday for a new $800 million ballpark, which would be built adjacent to the current Yankee Stadium and could be ready by the 2009...
  8. Company B

    Hip-Hop fans: CASSIDY - "I'm A Hustler"

    This is anotha jam I been bumpin for a while. Hott beatz, Cassidy's pretty tight, & the song iz just off da hook! There are like 5 versions of the song, one wit Jay-Z, one wit Mary J., & a few remixes. I like dem all. Any fans?? What do u think??
  9. Sexyangel329

    yankee Fans

    OK what do ya think of the Yankees suggesting or rather hoping Giambi go to the Minor leagues. He has been struggling a lot since the beginning of the season has barely gotten any play time and the times he has he has managed to not do anything for the team, I mean he will go up to bat while...
  10. Angelino

    4 The Vnv Nation Fans......

  11. D

    03/22/05 Tonight Fans Its Your Show You Pick Them I Play Them, Chat With Us Here Cf

    WHAT UPPPPPPPP !!!! This Dj Larry Vee, Tonight From 9pm To 11pm Its Your Show On 88.1 WESU FM IN CT, But You Guys That Are Not In Ct Its Your Too That Right Tune In And Request You Song We Will Be Chatting On Club Freestyle Chat Room, My Son Larry Vee Jr. Will Be Taking Your Request Here At Club...
  12. Company B

    SEQUAL fans!!!

    Some of u may already know, but the strong-vocaled blonde from Freestyle female duo SEQUAL, Maria Christensen, has released a new solo album not long ago, entitled: "Beautiful Now". It's full of R&B, Pop, & Rock jamz. She still sounds great! For those that don't know, after Sequal, Maria...
  13. LaBettyBoop

    ~**~MSG SPORTS Fans~**~

    Time Warner Cable has pulled the plug on the MSG channel where as of tomorrow, basketball fans will not be able to see any games like the Knicks. I think TWC is too F*$#@! greedy!!!!! MSG is fighting TWC in court because this isn't what they wanted.
  14. LaBettyBoop

    ~**~AMC Fans~**~

    All My Children Soap fans.......................Edmund died today! :eek:
  15. C

    chat with other freestyle fans in cf chat

    come in to cf chat right now hang out talk freestyle trade songs whatever
  16. frankie

    For Jennifer Lopez Fans Only

    This thread is for Jennifer fans only.It's only been a few days but Jennifer's forum is now open!And in the music section I posted about Latin Freestyle under cfFrankie, I never hide my pride for Freestyle.So far my thread has done ok, it looks like many others would love her do to a Freestyle...
  17. michelle28

    Eagles Fans!! lol

    A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Eagles playoff game. As he sits down, a man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him. "No," he says, "The seat is empty." "This is incredible," said the man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for an Eagles...

    eagles fans are you ready ?

    were is all my eagles fans are u ready for sundays game one win and we are off to fla to play in the super bowl :) whats everybody going to do when we win how crazy will u get its been so long i will try not to go to crazy eagles vs stealers thats my pick
  19. latinocop

    STAR WARS Fans

    Episode III
  20. Malo

    Janet Jackson...any fans?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if there were any other janet fans here besides myself :)