1. S

    FREE DOWNLOAD -Sam Romano ft. Alison - Don't Say Goodbye

    Ehhhhhh CF crew here's another hot track for you, and it features an up and coming local artist here in toronto enjoy .. ! Sam Romano
  2. F

    Christina Marie "Teardrops" Breakbeat mix download
  3. caramelo

    Now you can download CARAMELO's music!!!

    You can now download my music.... Just go to MP3tunes... Thanks for the support and stay tuned because there is more music coming... Always, CARAMELO
  4. S

    free download Sam Romano ft. Alison- "stay this time"
  5. victorvega

    FREE DOWNLOAD FROM THIS POST limited time only new maxisingle

    In celebration of the success in my career for the past six years I am releasing the single Who Would’ve Ever Thought for a limited time only as a gift and to thank those of you who have supported me on the sites. These tracks will be available for a very limited time and will be removed without...
  6. cratebug

    ::: Cratebug's NYC/East Coast Inspired Mix ::: Free 80 min. download!!

    Hello all, Here is a free Old School mix. A gift to all CF mbrs from dj cratebug (Chgo). It should bring back alot of memories for my East Coast brothers & sisters. The track list is as follows: *The East Coast Inspired Mix* mr. magic's wand--whodini the mexican--"jellybean" benitez...
  7. N

    Music to Download

    Classic House Mix from 1980's. AIM me at notinjuschillin and I'll send you the music. It's in 3 parts.
  8. cratebug

    HERE IT IS! A special live mix for all Clubfreestyle Mbrs. DOWNLOAD IT FREE!

    Here is the live mix I promised CF members on a previous thread where I mentioned that suggestions on what to play would be welcome. Well I made it @ 8pm Sunday night and I did get a bunch of suggestions....and I have to admit that some of you dug way back....Thanks to everyone who emailed me...
  9. A

    Free Download: Angel Moreno - Whenever

    Hello everyone, download another one of my songs free (last one for now). Angel Moreno - Whenever Click on link: (Vocal) (Instrumental)
  10. A

    Free Download: Angel Moreno - Quiero Tenerte

    Hello again. Download another one of my songs free. Angel Moreno - Quiero Tenerte. Click on link: (Vocal) (Instrumental)
  11. E

    En Mis Suenos - Free Download

    Hey Everyone, I was going through my computer tonight and I found an old freestyle track that I did a really long time ago, it was from an old rock cover. I believe it was released on a CD somewhere, but I decided to give it up as a free freestyle download for those of you who like Spanish...
  12. A

    Free Download: Angel Moreno - Time Will Tell

    Hello everyone, download another one of my songs free. Angel Moreno - Time Will Tell Click on link: (Vocal) (Instrumental)
  13. A

    Free Download: Angel Moreno - Cuando Tu No Estas

    Download my song free. Angel Moreno - Cuando Tu No Estas Click on link: (Vocal) (Instrumental)
  14. This Is GoodBye

    ***Download Angel City New Song **Do You Know***

    This Is A New Single That Came Out Called Angel City - Do You Know This Is A Remix Of The Song Robert Miles - Children VERY GOOD TRACK MY Opinion Techno/Freestyle Beat I Gave This Song To My B/f I Hope U All Enjoy It Just Click On The Link And D/l The Song Enjoy!!!!!!! Compliments Of...
  15. T

    Download Freestyle mixes

    The In the Mix Page has been Updated with new mixes from DJ WILLY V and DJ Dee X Man. here is the link to get to the page, you know the routine. You must register to see the link. These mixes are free for your enjoyment. All that is asked is you take a couple of seconds and give the djs some...
  16. bullboykennels

    Mixes Download for FREE

    Ok folks,.. at the link provided you will be able to Download our Mixes,.. this was done for the folks whom may not have to the time to listen to them on our website,. So now you are able to dl free,.. all mixes are compressed to 32 kbps for faster dl. Currently these are the mixes available...
  17. T

    Mixes available for download

    Most Mixes in our "In the mix section" are available for download now Got to: To enter in the mix. I'm still awaiting confermation from the other dj's to make there mixes available Thanks Ted.
  18. O

    All of my Mixes for download "The Master thread"

    So I've run out of time and can no longer tease you by giving you one mix at a time. I've decided to be nice to yall and just dump all of them on you at once. Like always, best results from "Right click - save as" but to each their own. Each file should be roughly 8-9 megs. The mixes are...
  19. Vinss-T

    Good Download Accelerators!

    anyone know good programs that can speed up your downloads? i have high-speed internet by the way
  20. N

    Download NAW-T-BOY's "GOT FREESTYLE" More mixes available at