All of my Mixes for download "The Master thread"


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Jan 16, 2005
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So I've run out of time and can no longer tease you by giving you one mix at a time. I've decided to be nice to yall and just dump all of them on you at once. Like always, best results from "Right click - save as" but to each their own. Each file should be roughly 8-9 megs.

The mixes are placed in order from oldest to newest. The oldest one was spun roughly 7 years ago and it's not my proudest work. Actually, some of these are in dire need of remixing and editing, but you should get the jist of what I was trying to go for.

"Now, on with the show!"


I gave my heart Side A (Old school freestyle)

I gave my heart Side B (Old school freestyle)

Fantasies of Love (Side B) (Old school freestyle)

I'm all Yours (New school mix)'m%20all%20Your's%20(New%20school%20freestyle).mp3

Freestyle Evo (New School mix) *More like, "I was bored and started ****ing around," mix)

Scars on my Heart Side A (New school freestyle) *My pride and joy*

Scars on my Heart Side B (Recent School freestyle)

Take it from my Heart (Side A)

Take it from my Heart (Side B)
I sure hope you enjoy. Please leave any feedback you wish. Eventually I'll be able to check it, but not for a long while.

See ya later.
PFC Lopez

[Edit] YOu know what? If these links dont work, just go to the following URL.
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