1. J

    Welcome Back to ClubFreestyle

    Welcome Everyone Back for the Winter Session of ClubFreestyle Entertainment. Props going out to all the members that log in every day. We have such a huge member list now.. Man If I had a dime for each member I would be so rich like Mickey Garcia of Mic Mac or Sal Abbatiello of Fever Records...
  2. sExXxe

    Euurbody In Clubfreestyle Get Tipsyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  3. LaIndia320

    Good Morning ClubFreestyle!!

    Hey Whats up My Familia!! Well Ive been away from CF for a while. Ive been going through alot this month. Well I want to say thank you so much everyone for Making my month a little better. :angel
  4. J

    ClubFreestyle TimeWarp. Go Back In Time into our Vast history

    Hello CF PEEPS!!!! ClubFreestyle goes waaaay back to the year 2000 and what a trip it has been! We started out a little tiny site but with Allot OF Heart. I remember way back when I launched this mofo. I remember how hard it was to break through and to be able to reach all of you great...
  5. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 Freestyle Tracks February 2004

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for Feb. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10...
  6. LaIndia320

    For all the Females in the ClubFreestyle, Very Interesting

    This is very interesting, it all makes sense now. I never looked at it this way before... MENtal illness MENstrual cramps MENtal breakdown :uzi :facial MENopause GUYnecologist AND ... When we have REAL trouble, it's a HISterectomy. Ever notice how all of women's...
  7. ChuckD

    The "Official" ClubFreestyle self improvement/success thread!

    Ok peeps, here we go! At the end of 2003, and the begining of 2004, a lot of members here were talking about the changes they wanted in their life. Whether it was to lose weight, get out of debt, get a new car, new job, new look, whatever..... How many people are still working on their new...
  8. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 40 Year End Countdown!

    Hey everyone! I just posted the year end countdown of out most voted on top freestyle songs! Voted on by you, of course! Check it out, here!
  9. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 40 year end countdown!

    I just posted the year end count-down that was decided by cf member votes. you can check it out here!
  10. La Mas Grande

    Clubfreestyle 2nd Annual Toy Drive

    Okay Guys We Have Only Two More Weeks Left And I'm Sorry It Took So Long To Get The Info Posted. Please Artists And Member P.m To Let Me Know Your Attending. Washington Square Church 135 W.4th St Time 6.00 Pm :)
  11. J

    The Freestyle File Chat now on ClubFreestyle

    Hello CF Members, As of this Saturday and every Saturday thereafter, the famous FREESTYLE FILE's Chat Show will be Right here On ClubFreestyle. The Freestyle File Runs the room on Saturdays - so you know this will be a Crazy Ass Good Time! Co Hosted by our very own Ladies Of Freestyle...
  12. G

    Special Offer for ClubFreestyle members

    Hey Everyone!...Bad Boy Joe and I would like to extend our thanks to every member of along with a special THANKS to Jack G. We'd like to give everyone here a chance to own an advance copy of Bad Boy Joe's Best of Freestyle Megamix Vol.4 before the stores get their hands on...
  13. cArLiToS WaY

    YO! Clubfreestyle Has Been Taken Over By A Hacker!

    What's going on?!
  14. S

    Clubfreestyle Poem

    I was such a fool hopelessly in love with u A day in my life with out,why did you have to change on me In my eyes I wake up and your not by my side Seasons change, people change ,hoping that we can give it one more try Baby now and forever won't you stay with me always Crying over you is all I...
  15. J

    *** NOTICE: ClubFreestyle WILL BE DOWN !***

    Wazzzzz up CF Members, As you may have noticed..with our constant growth, we managed to outgrow this server. Lately, the site has become slow due to the traffic levels. That's Great News for Freestyle - not so great for us web surfers. We will be moving the ClubFreestyle Community to a new...
  16. LaBettyBoop

    Clubfreestyle "Tiny"........

    Hey everybody, Tiny is growing with all of us here on CF. Angie is being blessed with a beautiful little boy that will one day know that he is part of this Clubfreestyle Family! :p I just want this baby to feel special without even knowing it. But Angie, "God bless your baby boy". :)
  17. LaBettyBoop

    Clubfreestyle Brown Dog on Screen

    Can anybody tell me if they have the same brown dog on their screen when they sign on to CF? :eek:
  18. Edalgiere

    Name the bad girl of clubfreestyle

    ok here you go we have the bad boys of clubfreestyle what about the bad girls of CF ;)
  19. Edalgiere

    Name the bad a$$ boy of clubfreestyle

    ok some one posted a question about the bad a$$ boys of freestyle not who do you think is the bad boy of Clubfreestyle and why do it nice :cool
  20. E

    Invite Peeps To Join Clubfreestyle

    Hey everybody let spread the word out some more for people to sign up on Clubfreestyle!!!!!!!!!!! Hit up the spot on the lobby page Tell A Friend. Don't just tell a friend tell everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!