1. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle countdown. Elissa and Zoe

    In case you didn't know, ClubFreestyle does a People's Choice Countdown each month, usually between 10 to 15 songs, depending on the number of votes. Just wanted to say a quick "congrats" to both Elissa and Zoe, who both hit our countdown last month, Elissa with "One Last Chance" and Zoe with...
  2. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 for August!!!!

    Ok up your picks for their own top 10!!!! Also, a side note, please make your list artist name first, and then the song title. thanks!
  3. Edalgiere

    hey clubfreestyle

    HAPPY FREAKIN HUMP DAY :cdevil :dgrin :D
  4. NuJerz2001

    ClubFreestyle Buddy

    Hey what ever happened to the CF Buddy thingy?? I still have mine that goes on automatically when I pop my PC on but it hasn't been updated in months, maybe even a year!! What's goin on with that, anyone know?! Thanx! :rainbow <<<----WTF is that?? LOL!
  5. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle People's Choice picks for May 2005!

    The clubfreestyle People's Choice picks for May! Ok everyone.......remember to place your picks up for the month of May, and list them artist first please. 10. Raquela-Here We Go Again 09. Caleb B.-Under The Moon 08. Mariposa ft. Cuddie Cut -Infamous Lover 07. Ashley-Here We Are 06...
  6. J

    Hello ClubFreestyle Members, I am Back with special news!

    Hello CF Members, I am back from my special vacation and it is GREAT to be back here on CF! HUGE thanks going out to the CF Mods who keep things going as smoothly as possible. Its a tuff job and they deserve HUGE props! This was a special vacation because on our way to Las vegas at 35,000...
  7. ChuckD

    ClubFreestyle People Choice. Top 10 for April

    10. Raquela-Here We Go Again 09. Caleb B.-Under The Moon 08. Mariposa ft. Cuddie Cut -Infamous Lover 07. Ashley-Here We Are 06. Jennifer Glass-I Can Almost Feel You 05. Cynthia/Lissette Melendez-I Can't Change Your Mind 04. Nyasia-Each Time 03. Latin Nation-Saying Good-bye 02...
  8. ChuckD

    Voice Your opinion--The Men of ClubFreestyle Calendar!!!

    :lol Ok, this is all in good guys, keep your sense of humor here. I always see the men talking about the fine ladies of cf, so now let's turn the tables. Ladies, you can nominate ONE male cf member here for the calendar. "The Men of ClubFreestyle"!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to take...
  9. ChuckD

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 for March!

    Ok cfers!! put up your picks for March!!!! Remember to list them artist first! 10. Galvatron-Under The Moon 9. Mariposa ft. Cuddie Cut -Infamous Lover 8. Aubrey-If You Don't Know Me By Now 7. Cynthia/Lissette Melendez-I Can't Change Your Mind 6. Betty Dee-My Body Tu Cuerp...
  10. N

    Clubfreestyle Mingle:

    Just a thought because funny as it sounds, we ALL have something in common here @ CF. Has there ever been a CF Mingle? (or a CF Singles mingle?). It would prob. be fun. Throw an artist or two in there and it would be fun.
  11. LaIndia320

    Good Day My ClubFreestyle Family

    :boing :bayum Mu@@@@@@@@@@@ To you all, I would like to give you all a Shout Out On this Thursday Morning, and I hope you all have a wonderful Day Mu@@@@@@@@@@@@@@:cheers :shakinboo
  12. J

    Your NEW ClubFreestyle Moderator!

    What's up CF Peoples!!! Please join us in Welcoming ClubFreestyle's newest Moderator. Welcome Former DMA Magazine writer and Freestyle Music Legend IVAN DILLER to the ClubFreestyle Staff!!!
  13. J

    Everyone Welcome: Freestyle Legend NYASIA as ClubFreestyle Moderator!

    Wazaaaaaaaaaa ClubFreestyle People! Please join me in welcoming the Legendary Freestyle Recording / Performing Artist, NYASIA as ClubFreestyle's Newest Moderator! She is the most caring person and friend to all of her fans. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask her! (just don't piss...
  14. ChuckD about a clubfreestyle Real World????

    It's your job to pitch a new tv show. The Real World-the ClubFreestyle edition. You have to pick 8 clubfreestyle members (4 male-4 female) to live in an apartment for 3 months and see what happens. Where you would put them, and what 8 members from here would you pick? I'd put them in NYC...
  15. ChuckD

    clubfreestyle chat tonight.

    Hiya members... Baby it's cold outside....and snowy too. So from 8-12, how about joining us all here by the fire and chatting with everyone????? We'll be here!
  16. Edalgiere

    CLUBFREESTYLE Sunday G spot Chat

    tonight at 8PM. come in enjoy the fireplace rest those tired feet enjoy a nice hot tottie. cant think of a better thing to do then chat with the gang from the best site CLUBFREESTYLE CHATROOM
  17. J

    Announcement: The Future Of Freestyle on ClubFreestyle

    Since the year 2000 ClubFreestyle has impacted Freestyle Music like never seen before in the history of Musical genre's. We have lead the way in innovative new concepts in Freestyle entertainment. In fact no other genre offers what we do to their audience. Now I would like to fill you in on a...
  18. J

    Merry Christmas ClubFreestyle Peoples!

    Merry Christmas to all of you great CF peoples! God bless you and your family. May you have your health and love for eternity.
  19. E

    Happy Holidays To Clubfreestyle

    Happy Holidays to all here in Clubfreestyle God Bles you all :aparty
  20. J

    ClubFreestyle members - Join Together - Help underpriviledge Kids This Christmas.

    Hello to all CF Members, Tomorrow I will be posting an announcement for this years Christmas Toy Drive! It is going to be a little different then what we usually do. This is going to be Really Cool! I hope that we can get many members to come to NYC for a few hours and make a HUGE...