1. H

    Cynthia returns to Chicago 10/16/04 @ S63!

    Howdy,all; As I type, I'm airing a Cynthia interview with the "Club Kids" on Chicago's WLUW (88.7 FM)... Cynthia is returning to the Big City of Wind on Saturday, October 16th as WCYC makes it's return to Studio 63 (formerly the Prime and Tender Nightclub) with the Princess of...
  2. M

    Loco Freestyle from Chicago

    I bought Loco Freestyle volume 2 in Chicago years ago... I started playing it again and it is the shit... the thing is I was carrying a bunch of things - including the CD and kinda fell and cracked the CD. Does any one have it that can sell it to me? It's Loco Freestyle volume 2 DJ Eddie...
  3. Angelino

    Anyone From Chicago (Chi-Town)

    I used to live in Chicago, at that time Freestyle was on the radio 24/7 on WCYC. Anyways, theres this mix that i've been wanting to get for a long time. I think it's called The Hot Mix 5, does anyone know where i can get it. Is DJ international still open?


    Does anyone know when there is gonna be another freestyle show in chicago?
  5. F

    where can i find frestyle in chicago?

    waz up peepz! well i'm from the south side of chicago n i've been looking 4 lazos de amor part 3 n 4.can someone help me with this?
  6. H

    WCYC Reunion VIII...w/ Former "Cover Girl" Angel...6/26/04 at Chicago's Studio 63...

    WCYC Reunion VIII...w/ Former "Cover Girl" Angel...6/26/04 at Chicago's Studio 63... Happy Summer time, all; How could I let so much time pass before I tipped you all off to the return of former "Cover Girl" Angel to the Chicagoland area! Angel will be performing at the eighth WCYC Reunion...
  7. R

    Pictures posted in the parties/members section for June 5th show in Chicago

    I wanted to let those who attended the june 5 show in Chicago that I posted some pics with Will to Power, Safire, Coro, Nyasia, and Seduction. I didn't get any of Noel or Fascination which was very unfortunate.
  8. R

    Pics with Will to Power and Seduction at the Freestyle Flashback event in Chicago

    Pics with Will to Power and Seduction
  9. R

    My Pictures of June 5th Freestyle Flashback event in Chicago

    I finally got my pictures back and wanted to post what I have with Coro, Nyasia, Will to Power, Safire and Seduction. I was unfortunate not to get any with Fascination or Noel although I had the chance. I can really kick myself in the @ss for that!!
  10. P

    chicago freestyle concert 6/05/04

    how was the concert? any reviews/pictures? any news to report?
  11. Webwizard

    New gal in Will To Power and Chicago this weekend!

    Hey all. Just wanted to share a new Will To Power promo photo. The photo features the extremely talented and beautiful female vocalist, Siddy Betancourt and of course, the man behind the music; Bob Rosenberg. Also again, WTP is performing at Freestyle Flashback this Saturday, June 5th at the...
  12. lilshygyrl

    there's a freestyle concert coming to chicago!!!!

    :yeey i was turning channels in my car and i stopped on B96 cause i heard Safire, it was a commmerical Freestyle Flashback i think its called. with Safire, Noel, Seduction, Will to Power, and Coro. im gonna have to find some more info bout it
  13. O

    Marqui-Hold Me Tonight (Chicago Freestyle)

    i have a copy for trade, if interested e-mail me. Song is dope. (Those are underscores)
  14. G

    Chicago House (Hot Mix 5) For Sale

    Kool Rock Steady - item # 4014090722 there up on Ebay Fast Eddie - item# 4014087848 Hot Mix 5 - item #4014065031 I have a list of freestyle and house if you would like
  15. G

    Chicago House For Sale

    Kool Rock Steady - item # 4014090722 Fast Eddie - item# 4014087848 Hot Mix 5 - item #4014065031 These are up on Ebay email me at for a list of house and freestyle
  16. H

    WCYC Reunion VII w/Lissette Melendez and D'Zrye (Troy Guy) at Chicago's Studio 63...

    Hey, you Freestyle Freaks; It has been much too long since the last WCYC Reunion Freestyle Concert/Dance Party which featured TAPPS back in April-or was it March... I wasn't able to make the last event due to a back injury, but I should be in good enogh health to welcome back Lissette...
  17. Webwizard

    FREESTYLE FLASHBACK - Chicago, June 5th

    Hey all. As usual, it's been a while since I've posted but I'm always checking in to read. As you probably know by now, my work post-Gioia has led me to new ventures with some more classic of them, WILL TO POWER! Anyhoo, WTP is going to be performing for their first time in many...
  18. lilshygyrl

    one of Chicago's best freestyle djs...Juan 2 Big Perez

    Juan 2 Big Perez has a website now, and we'll all soon to be able to get his freestyle mixes! Sad Girl The Crying Game etc. hes a damn good dj. him, tim spinnin schommer, and dj aztec are the best mixers in chitown check it out.. http//
  19. H

    Chicago's WCYC Reunion VI...4/17/04...

    Hola, Freestyle Phanatix… Boy, my job has been so taxing lately that I haven’t been able to log on and post as often as I have in the past…I miss the feedback and the comments that the world has on the state of the Freestyle Universe. I have read on occasion, but… I have been so neglectful...
  20. Tony G.

    Nu Image Is Coming To Chicago

    NU IMAGE COMING TO CHITOWN GIno "Rockin" Romo mixing, plus some of your other favorite D.J.'s. Another WCYC Throw down! Nu-Image...(Tears in My Eyes, Sounds of Love & many more). CD release party coming soon, check here for more details. Stay tooned to WCYC @...