1. Kenny Guido

    Chicago Freestyle Fans!!!! Freestyle Is Coming To You!

  2. Kenny Guido

    CYNTHIA & JOHNNY O IN CHICAGO & DJ Tim Spinnin' Schommer!!

    CYNTHIA & JOHNNY O IN CHICAGO & DJ Tim Spinnin' Schommer!! !
  3. L

    Buy Chicago Freestyle Artist Legacy new 2 Single CD

    Buy Chicago Freestyle Artist Legacy new 2 Single CD on Ebay. While Supplies last...
  4. S

    Chicago freestylers help me out

    Where is a good shop/place in Chicago to buy some freestyle cds????...anyone..malls/flee markets..
  5. H

    25 years of Let The Music Play - Shannon returns to Chicago!

    25 years…Freestyle original Shannon returns to Chicago and Studio 63-August 23rd! 25 years after her Chris Barbosa/Nelson “FFWD” Cruz produced hit “Let The Music Play” introduced her to the dance music world, Shannon returns to Chicago to kick off the new Freestyle season at Studio 63. Anyone...
  6. H

    Johnny O and Harv Roman on Chicago radio-5/10/08

    Freestyle legend Johnny O will be Harv's celebrity hotline guest this Sunday from 12 pm to 1 pm Central on the Club Kids Show. The show airs on Chicago's WCEV 1450 AM and The entire interview will also be posted on as Johnny makes his way back to Chicago to...
  7. breaksk8master

    TKA In Chicago

    Ok so im a big freestyle fan, im only 22 years old and i didnt grow up with it like alot of you, i got introduced to freestyle because im a professional Jamskater, and i Rollerskate all over the country. Ive met Stevie B, Coro, Noel, safire, and now I can finally say i met TKA.... For some...
  8. B

    100% Pure Old School Chicago House!! Listen NOW!!*NEW

    Please click on link below to access my most recently mixed mix. It's exclusive old school house...Please note: You must have Real Player installed to hear this mix. Thanks BeatMaster For more mixes like link above please
  9. cratebug

    To all Chitown Boys & Girls, U Gotta CHECK THIS OUT!: Classic Chicago Party Fliers! :

    To all Chitown Boys & Girls, U Gotta CHECK THIS OUT!: Classic Chicago Party Fliers! : Just added them to my web!!! Click here to see some VERY cool & crazy Chicago party fliers (pics) from back in the day!! Also check out the "Mixes" link on my site, where you can download Old School...
  10. B

    New website remembering Chicago Style Mixin'

    Please feel free to check out my new site at your convenience. Remembering Chicago Classic House, House/Techno and Techno. at Thanks BeatMaster
  11. B

    chicago freestyle mix cds

    check out more cds added
  12. cratebug

    :: Chicago CF Mbrs: Catch dj Cratebug LIVE @ Martini Ranch :: TONIGHT!! ::

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday Sept. 2nd, 2005 !! Labor Day weekend !! This Friday, Sept 2nd 2005 Martini Ranch. ReMode aka DJ MoDe, Superboy and DJ CrateBug will be mixing the same night. 21+ w/I.D. $5.00 cover charge. RSVP at...
  13. Sexyangel329

    Safire lights up Chicago

    Harv Roman put up a beautiful post about Safire and I felt it deserved a whole thread of its own so that everyone out there can read for themselves what a true professional she is and how she NEVER fails to give an off the hook show not many can do what she does. Thanks Harv for letting me...
  14. M

    So how was the Safire show in Chicago??

    anyone knows?? pictures???
  15. C

    Mid/late 80s French dance song called Chicago?

    Author: Handsome Prints Mid/late 80s French dance song called Chicago? Not sure if anyone here is from Quebec (Canada), but I remember this French dance song that used to play in the mid 80s. The chorus was Chicago (pronounced "Sheecaaago" in the song). After that it was followed by "na nana...
  16. cratebug

    ::::: Attention Chicago boys & girls! Catch my live Old School set @.... :::::

    I will be spinning after hrs @ Martini Ranch Labor Day weekend in Chicago on Fri. Sept 2nd!!! I will be playing monster dance classics from back in the day as well as modern grooves to make you sweat!! Last time I was there the place was packed and all the ladies were singing along to the music...
  17. B

    What happen to that chicago group "Legacy"??

    I liked that song "Girls they do it just for fun"??
  18. cratebug

    FREE Classic Freestyle mix! Courtesy of Cratebug (genuine Chicago dj/New CF mbr)

    Hello from Chicago! Here's a mix for the classic Heartthrob fan. It was mixed & recorded live on 2 decks with nothin' but vinyl! No edits & no bs...just straight continuous mixing. It's an 'old school' mix, therefore it's only right that it be created in that manner. Please feel free listen to...
  19. heidee14

    Chicago Radio Change!

    The very popular Spanish Radio Station ~Viva ~93.5/103.1~ That played just about any music that was the Trend...from Juanes.. to Mana...To Alejandra Jennifer Pena to Mdo to Aventura to Obie Bermudez..To Kumbia Kings to Monchy Y...
  20. E

    La India In Concert In Chicago

    INDIA LIVE! @ Zentra Her voice has found a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. It has conquered diverse musical markets, from dance to salsa, in English and in Spanish. That voice is unique. That voice belongs to India ... PERFORMING HER INTERNATIONAL DANCE HITS LIVE - FOR THE...