1. D

    I'm Back!!!!!!

    Hello everyone.....It's me...Michelle.... I'm back..... Holla!!!!! I've missed you all soooo much..... It's been a longgggg time......Wsup!!!!!!!!
  2. C

    How can I get him back????

    Not sure if any of you remember, but a few months ago I posted something here where I was dating someone, but I had a crush on someone else. In the end, the crush was just a short phase, thank god. Well after 2 short "break-ups" I realized that my boyfriend was EVERYTHING I was looking for...
  3. ChuckD

    set clocks back tonight!

    Don't forget everyone, tonight is the night we set the clocks back an hour.
  4. This Is GoodBye

    Dancer S Dream Radio Is Back And Better Then Ever !

    Welcome As U All Know My Radio Is Back On Air And Will Be Brocasting Tommorrow At 4pm Eastern Pacific Time [ Tijuana ] [ US & Canada ] To Connect To My Radio Go To ShoutCast.Com And Search For Dancer S Dream Or U Can Press CTRL + L In Winamp And Paste This...This Is The Winamp Feed...
  5. D

    online show this sunday Oct 9 feed back On Benefit Show Live Live Always Check Out My Online show From 6pm To 9pm This Week Its All About The Benefit Show For Krystal from New Orleans Give Us Your Feed Back On My Online show Call Live At 786-261-6936 I Wish I Could Been There With All For You So...
  6. R

    Tonight !! The Empire Strikes Back

    Lord vador rebels entering south bronx quadrant. with califronia angle uniforms. admiral warm up the pulse cannon and get ready to blast the rebels back to california. we will put down this rediculous rebelion tonight. and send the angles packing. tonight the empire stikes back. lets...
  7. B

    judy torres back in my arms again: is it freestyle

    any good? freestyle? i saw a cd single of it and am wondering if i should pick it up.
  8. tanktruck

    ***Episode V: The Men Strike Back!***

    Men strike back! ! ! ! ! ! !----(so they THINK..LOL.) How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened when she brings it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a...
  9. Dianita

    Back to School!!!!!

    Well, it's back to school in some districts today, though I think most are tommorow. Today is my daughter Martina's 1st day in her new school. She's a 4th grader now. OMG, she was so nervous. I think she'll be fine, but it's kinda funny to see her fretting over everything. I'll have to post the...
  10. D

    Dj Hightech Is Coming Back Strong!

    Whats Up Whats Up My Freestyle Familia I Have Been Quiet Way To Long The Founding Father Of The Freestyle File Is Back! I Am Working On Something Really Big That Will Blow Your Socks Off. So Much That You Will Forget About Any Of The Other Shows I Am Currently In Talks With Some Of The Biggest...
  11. B

    sa-fire bringing back the groove cd

    what are the mixes like? and how much of the album is freestyle? 1. Don't Break My Heart (Tony Moran's 2002 Anthem Mix) (3:58) 2. I'm Feeling It Too (4:07) 3. Can You Stand The Rain (Featuring Cynthia) (7:54) 4. Let Me Be The One (Choco's Old School Mix) (7:01) 5. Gonna Make It (Hash...
  12. imfromqueenz

    im driving back to ny

    I will shortly be packing my stuff and driving back to ny from miami.....i expect to see everyone on the east coast for miami up to ny standing on the side of the road on I95 with welcome signs, plates of food, bottles of pepsi, gas pumps.....i think ya'll get the anyhow...hopefully...
  13. NVDisMa729

    Back To School

    I start school on monday. I'm kind of excited. I just hope we dont get alot of homework cuz I'm not used to homework..havent did any homework since 8th grade
  14. T

    good to be back

    just wanted to say it feels good to be back just wanted a quick hello to some peeps i still remember hopefully ya remember me Nyasia heavenly Taz (Time to get it started big man time to call in the nation) Crazygirl dreamgirl krystal and other who i may have forgotten to mention well...
  15. C

    Freestyle In Nyc Back Then????anyone Heard This!!!!

    My uncle (from NYC) told me that back then when freestyle first came out...the radios only played freestyle on the radio (IN HEAVY ROTATION) for alittle (2 or 3 yrs.) while then they took it off rotation is it true??? sum1 help me did they only play this for alittle awhile on the radio...
  16. C

    Is This True About Nyc Freestyle Back Then????

    my uncle (FROM BX) said that back in the day when freestyle first came out they (RADIO) only played for like 3 yrs (IN ROTATION) and then they took it off the radio after that only a few freestyle was playing...he said like in around late 80's and early 90's!!! IS THIS TRUE?? did they take it...
  17. nessa's302

    I'm BACK!

    wuts good CF, I'm finally back from my mini-vacation and boy did I NEED IT! Spent the last few days w/ my churrins and of course LMG and her mini me. we went to Miami and saw some some good times in w/ the sun beaming on us....had my wonderful call-a-cab @ Wet Willie's then my...
  18. italo512

    the tatts are back!!!!!!!!

    i've been seeing some cf'ers flashing ink around,which is awesome.heres the latest one i did!!!!!! hope you all like it!!!!!
  19. DJ_JTEK76

    The Kid Is Back

    Im Back..hola At Ya Boy
  20. cArLiToS WaY

    ***TaKiN' It BaCk To ThE SuMmEr Of 1997....***

    ...when Brenda K Starr dropped her first Latin album titled, "Te Sigo Esperando". Wow. What an album! Every track, from 1 to 8, is hot! I remember my aunt coming up to Boston from the Bronx with the bootleg! And I remember saying, "Brenda K Starr used to sing Freestyle! She has a Salsa...