1. S

    Freestyle Universe Radio Show Back With Long-Awaited Episode

    After tackling some technology/software issues; the Freestyle Universe Radio Show on is back this Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time with the long awaited Birthday Celebration episode for Freestyle’s Naughtiest Party Boy – The Freestyle...
  2. frankie

    The Original Cover Girls are back!!!

    Angel,Caroline and Margo are back,finally the real thing.Angel is our Diana Ross and The Cover Girls are our Supremes!
  3. This Is GoodBye

    DSD Radio Dancer S Dream Is Back !!!!!!

    Hosted By Myself DJSpeedFighter....Been Away @ School But All Done Now And Ready To DJ Sum Music Radio Is Only Hosted When Im Online Will Post When Its Running And When Its Shut Down..Also Do Take Requests You Can Email Them To Types Of Music Played = Dance , Club ...
  4. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Is Coming Back To Puerto Rico!!!!!!! Hoooee

    Freestyle Is Coming Back To Puerto Rico!!!!!!! Hoooee
  5. Kenny Guido

    Breaking News - Back To Where it Started -- Freestyle Fever -- Wed Nov 24th Thanksgiv

    Breaking News - Back To Where it Started -- Freestyle Fever -- Wed Nov 24th Thanksgiving Eve -- First Time in Bronx in 25 Years -- 25 Year Anniversary of Devils Nest in The Bronx -- 2 Rooms (Freestyle Show in one & Hip Hop in other) -- Tickets on Sale Next Week -- One Night Only -- Had To Bring...
  6. frankie

    Ricky martin is back!!

    yes my boy Ricky Martin, is back the site is finally up also he is still on twitter.I do miss him, its been awhile he has a book coming in nov and also new music on the way
  7. Boriqua_Beast

    I'm back!

    Hey hey wasup fellow freestyle fans, man i its been such a long time that i even forgot my old username and password and had to create a new one. anyway to say a little bit about myself..i LOVE freestyle especially the underground stuff, im an amateur DJ lol just starting out, i live in Astoria...
  8. Sal Collaziano

    Welcome back!

    Yes, is back - again.. The first time it came around about a hundred years ago, JackG and I were pulling the strings. Well, mainly JackG - but I had a TON of input. In fact, the site started out using the same template as my own website - and I recommended...
  9. frankie

    THE BACK UP PLAN movie

    watched the back up plan starring jennifer lopez and alex o'laughlin what a fun good movie, such a great chemistry and funny movie, recomnend this romantic comedy.
  10. spanishfly053177

    I am back

    Yes, I have been gone a while, but I am back, fianlly figured out my account. Wee, just wanted to say hi to you all..
  11. S

    Back With More Great Freestyle Pics!!

    Hello Freestylers! It's Swins Fontenelle from Jackson Heights, Queens in New York City, the voice of Freestyle Universe on Facebook back once again with another great Freestyle picture-share from the Lemon Tree Lounge in Elmhurst, Queens "Home of Freestyle Fridays". Freestyle artist: Stefanie...
  12. S

    Swins is back again with more new Freestyle pics!!

    Hello freestylers!! It's Swins Fontenelle of Freestyle Universe (check it out on Facebook) with another great picture share from the Lemon Tree Lounge "Home of Freestyle Fridays" in Elmhurst, Queens. This time I have pics of Freestyle artists: David (formerly of Nice & Wild), Artie & Legit...
  13. D

    I am back!!

    Wow it has been a long long time since I've been back here so far, things has been quiet lol has anyone been keeping up with this place? How is everyone doing?
  14. lonely4eva

    hey its L4E, its been a minute but now i'm back

    hey everybody its me LONELY4EVA, have'nt been on 4 a while but now i'm back, hope 2 catch up wit my old friends on here and lookin 4ward 2 making new ones 2
  15. ElBoricua1972

    ElBoricuas Back

    Whats up Clubfreestyle. Long time no see. WOW I thought this site was down. Good to see it back.
  16. Kenny Guido

    Freestyle Fans! The Original "nice N Wild" Is Back!!!!

  17. Kenny Guido

    George Lamond Is Back!!! Add Him!!!

  18. Kenny Guido

    Florida Dance/freestyle Fans!!!!! Dance Is Back On The Radio

  19. MZ_Fierceness

    Im back

    Hey all im back again Lisa a.k.a. Miss Fierceness MZ_Fierceness myspace aim MzFierceness yahoo Mz_Fierceness holla!!!
  20. Kenny Guido

    Fat Boys Are Back!