1. M

    Noel's "2004" release

    Noel made it clear last year that he was going to release a new full length album in 2004. I want to know what became of this and what he plans to do because it seems as though there isn't anything planned for this year. I would definitely love to see him out again.
  2. mannyriv

    "Parents Theme" (When I See You Smile") C,P, 2004

    (Mom) You don't know how lonely, It feels to be, Taking care of the children, I cook and I clean, I'm always here at home.................... I try to make sure Everything is alright, But deep down inside, I just wanna cry, Cause all the pressures of this life......... And when there's no one...
  3. U

    Alvenda - new freestle song july 2004

    anyone heard this new song.... it will be out on my new promo only r. club cd that comes out july 2004, just wondering if anyone had heard it and what it sounds like: The Night Is Young Electrofreestyle Mix Alvendia 3:58 130 ultimix
  4. mannyriv

    "Love's Seed" C,P, 2004

    So many good things are around me, But then again, I still feel down, Cause if love does not surround me, I feel I'm not on solid ground, A heart is a home for love, And if nothing lives inside, It's like being a dove, That's not able to fly, Wondering what's your purpose, Why are you here on...
  5. Gornicevo

    Euro 2004

    Is anyone else out there watching the European Soccer Championships? The tournament got off to a thrilling start with underdogs Greece pulling off a shock upset over the host team Portugal on Saturday. (I'm sure Sonya is still in mourning stage LOL). The Greek fans in Toronto were partying...
  6. ChuckD

    Top Ten People's Choice for June 2004!!!

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for June. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10. Latin...
  7. latinocop

    2004 MTV Movie Awards Results

    If you are not interested to find out now don't click on the link. It has all the results of the winners and occurance from the show. http://www.comingsoon.net/news.php?id=5029
  8. Freestylepete

    Top 4 Freestyle and latin Hiphop and Urban Dance CDs of 2004

    4. Ayna 3. Nu Image 2. Banging Beats 1. Nick Colon Nu Image and Banging beats were a hair width apart! All cds are a must have for the freestyle fanatic. :georgelam
  9. D

    Freestyle Fever 2004

    Once Again Its Not What You Know Its Who You Know!!!!!! Im Tired Of Hearing About James Anthony And How Good He Is!!! Thank God Dj Lucho Came And Saved The Night And Brought Some Well Needed Energy To The Crowd!!!! The Room Was Lifeless And Boring Listening To These Pre-programed Mixes Made In...
  10. Unique_Freestyle

    Freestyle MUSIC (2 sides) 2004

    The art of freestyle lies within my soul Whenever I hear it I lose control The upbeat tempo takes me into a trance it makes me want to go clubbing to dance If I'm on the freeway I'm driving to the rhythm and If thats not enough then I'll turn up my system The feeling that I get is so hard to...
  11. J

    Freestyle in Ft. Lauderdale May 28th, 2004

    Friday May 28, 2004 Wild O Productions presents "Flashback Fridays" @ Beach Bums, Live on the Ft. Lauderdale Strip. 219 Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd. (A1A). Come join us for "Summer Kick Off" Live performance by Erotic Exotic (L.O.V.E & Take Me As I Am) & Secret Society (We Belong Together & Why...
  12. E

    Shout Out for May 18, 2004

    Now I got it right here are the shout outs EL_BORICUA_72, Baby1010, Delisious, DJCUTLASS, EmeryTorres, Freestygal, FStyle's Controversy, Heartbrake, HEARTHROBDJ95, JOEDOCPA, K7 tka, LaBettyBoop, Lamatrix, latinocop, Melly22, myonlysweetie, Pete J, QuEeNsGuRL24, ROXYGURL...
  13. E

    May 14, 2004 Shout Outs TGIF

    TGIF Shout Outs EL_BORICUA_72, LaBettyBoop, latinocop, myonlysweetie, pro, QuEeNsGuRL24, radclerk, RENEE, scape83
  14. Krystal

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles - MAY 2004

    Alright people! It's that time! Let's get to posting! List your favorites that you are feelin! :shakinboo
  15. C

    Analise Easter 2004

    Here's one of the professional pics we had taken of Analise just before Easter.
  16. lonely4eva

    2 Never Know (copywritten 2004)

    2 never know how it feelsjust 2 hold you tight 2 never see how peaceful you look as you fall asleep at night... 2 never have you there 2 silence my lonely screams 2 never be the one who lives within your dreams... 2 never be face 2 face 2 show you that I care 2 never have the feeling of...
  17. Rhoq

    Peter Fontaine - Lancaster, PA - June 19, 2004

    Date: Saturday - June 19, 2004. Where: Days Inn Hotel 30 Keller Avenue, Lancaster, PA Time: To be announced at a later date. WLCH 91.3 FM (Lancaster, PA) will be having a fund raiser on Saturday - June 19, 2004 to help raise money to keep the station on the air. WLCH is of a very few...
  18. S

    What should freestyle 2004 sound like

    I just listened to 7 more new school freestyle cd`s over the weekend that up and coming artists sent to me.First I would like to say that if your going to do dance music please stop with the 1987 to 1993 sounds.Please!!! Make good music from the heart that will touch yourself as others.It`s 2004...
  19. mannyriv

    "My Mystery" C,P, 2004

    Forgive me for the mystery, Don't think I'm being cold, So much hidden history, Like a story never told. But once you discover, The pages never read, You'll see things undercover, Are worth waiting to be said. The greatest things in life, Are the things that cause surprise, The things that give...
  20. sixflagsdude

    TOP 10 Freestyle Singles - April 2004

    Top 10 Freestyle Singles For April 2004 I just joined this forum, here are my top 10 singles for this month: Alissa Martinez-Be Your Love Kimberly-Misjudged Love Christina Marie-Turn The Lights Down Low Danila-Rescue Me Jonelle-Who's Sorry Now Noel-Change Dana Rayne-Object Of My Desire...