1. mannyriv

    "My Friend" C, P, 2004

    I have a friend, When no one's there, The troubled times, With me they share, The type of frienship, That doesn't end, We always seem, To meet again, By my side, They always stay, Somehow they always, Find my way, Although I may not, Want them here, They return again, I feel them near, When...
  2. mannyriv

    "Why" C, P, 2004

    I must admit, That now I'm feeling down, I got use to you and the children, But now you're not around. I feel I lost my family, My heart and my best friend, The hurt I feel inside, How do I bring it to an end? I'm lost without that part of me, And the way things use to be, They say a man is...
  3. P

    ktu beatsock 2004

    :tka This an awesome ticket Im selling KTU BEATSTOCK at jones beach you wouldnt wanna miss this show ... All your favorite freestyle acts from judy torres to TKA deborah coxto doug efresh plus much much more.........the seat is orchestra b row e 4th row seat 7 youll be right in front this seat...
  4. ChuckD

    Boycott for Equality....Friday, October 8, 2004

    What? This is a call for a nation-wide boycott in the traditions of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. We are asking all GLBT Americans and their Straight Allies to "drop out" of the United States economy for one day to demonstrate that we are vital and important members of our communities with...
  5. tanktruck

    Joey Kidd, Trilogy, George Lamond Tonight August 13, 2004

    Well, guys I just came across this flyer. Joey Kidd, George Lamond and Trilogy preforming live tonight Aug 13, 2004. http://www.2xclusive.com/flyers/freestyle%20bk.JPG I think there gonna be in Blue Island, IL. Some just e-mailed me this so don't have full details.
  6. M

    2004 Summer Olympics. Do we care?

    Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of The Olympics in Greece. Even thought the games really started with The Soccer on Wed. With The (Played out) US Basketball Dream Team, Michael Phelps, and Cortney Kupets(local Flavor) as Gold medal favorites. The deal is, there is not any big buzz about the...
  7. ChuckD

    Top 10 People's Choice August 2004

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for August. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10...
  8. M

    NFL Picks of 2004

    I have not had time to do my usual NFL Preview. So what i'll do is give my picks of this year. NFC East: Philadelphia NFC North Green Bay NFC South New Orleans NFC West Seattle Wild Cards: Dallas Atlanta NFC Champion: Philadelphia AFC East New England NFC North Baltimore NFC...
  9. M

    NFL 2004 Preview: NFC East.

    Are you ready for some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I am. For a week or two, i'll be previewing All the Divisions. Lets start with The NFC East. The best Division in The NFL. Washington Redskins. Last year was a horrible 5-11 season. Steve Spurrier packed up and left town after that. Now...
  10. mannyriv

    Not Just An Illusion C,P, 2004

    Take my voice so I can't sing, Take my hands so I can't write, But Lord Don't take away the chance, To lay next to her at night. Cause a song that I compose, Or sing isn't real, But she is my reality, The music that I feel. In every single corner, Of my thoughts and in my mind, Embedded in...
  11. S

    **Official NFL 2004 News, Preseason & Regular Season Thread**

    The Topic says it all... Well, Football is almost here and I can't wait. This is gonna be a very interesting Season. There's gonna be games played on Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the Regular Season starts, I'll be more then happy to post the scores week by week. I just...
  12. tanktruck

    Important & Serious Information You Need To Know About The 2004 Election!

    If you still undecided on who you're gonna vote for in 2004! Here is some serious and valuable information that might put things in prospective for you guys.
  13. M

    Freestyle Concert 2004

    I was wondering if anyone is gonna show up to this concert. Alot of great acts are performing. I'm taking my younger brother with me to see it. He's not 18 yet so I thought this would be good since stuff like this with the all age pass don't happen too often.
  14. Company B

    D'Luna@ O'Zone Miami/ Free 2004 concert tix!

    "THROB NIGHTS" at O'Zone nightclub in Miami, in association with Fever Records, presents a special Monday night of Freestyle, Electroclash, & Miami Bass, with a performance by the Miami Breaks Diva, - D'LUNA! Along with a special FREE ticket giveaway to the FREESTYLE FEVER 2004 Concert!!! NO...
  15. frankie


    Best & Worst In Freestyle 2004,so Far. So far were half way done in 2004, So what were the up & downs for FREESTYLE???????? Also, what were the best & worst FREESTYLE releases of FULL-LENGTHS, MAXI-SINGLES, and COMPS?????????????? :johnnyo BEST FULL-LENGTH CD's............ NU-IMAGE-"The...
  16. A

    Grove Concert 2004

    Has anyone ever bought the VIP tickets for freestyle concerts in the past? If so....are they worth the Hundo?
  17. M

    Freestyle Fever 2004 Miami

    Hey, My friend just emailed me this. It looks great. Another freestyle concert in Miami. This concert appers to compliment the other concert taking place August 28 at the Coconut Grove Expo Center since all the artists are different. The biggest artists in freestyle history will be at these...
  18. ChuckD

    Top 10 People's Choice for July 2004!

    Ok peeps, let's start posting our picks for July. Please do myself, and Krystal a favor. When you post your picks, post them with the ARTIST NAME FIRST, and the song second. It makes it easier for Krystal to tally the songs at the end of the month, and for me at the end of the year. 10...
  19. D

    FREESTYLE RUSH 2-Saturday, July 24th 2004 (Detroit)

    Freestyle Rush 2 Johnny O Sharyn Maceren Tara DJ Shadow on the turns DJ Refugee on the mic Bleu Room Experience 1540 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI Guys 21+ over / Ladies 18+ over Advance tickets $20, slightly higher at the door For VIP/Ticket info call: Ref 313.218.0044 :: Johnny J 248.361.9595...
  20. tanktruck

    Freestyle Fever 2004 Miami