1. J

    TAI SHAN BALL II.....wmc week 2003.

    I am now accepting promo for those interested in taking part in the tai shan ball II party during wmc week in Miami. Tai Shan ball was a spin off of the China doll project.Its purpose is to unite the dance community through our freestyle view and our history. This is where i get together with...
  2. smoothrhythm

    Winter Music Conference 2003 !!!!

    Anyone looking to have some fun in the sun in Miami Beach in March go to www.wintermusicconference.com Call (954) 563-4444 and ask for Margo Possenti. Tell her that Smoothie sent you. Hollllaaaaaa !!:blah
  3. Tony G.

    Nu Image , going to France January 2003

    Because of the major Eropean support , Nu Image will be going to France in Jan 2003. We will be recording NEW TRACKS for the 2nd Nu Image album and also hitting europe with " NEW" Tracks from our Nu Image album.. We will then be heading out to Germany and the UK then hitting Chicago, Texas ...