1. A

    Freestyle's Best Extended Versions Vol. 2 (2003)

    1. Let Me Be the One - SA-FIRE 2. Lovin' Fool - Tolga 3. Can't Let Go - Coro 4. Give Me Back My Heart - Corina 5. My Heart Alone - Sam Savon 6. What Comes Around Goes Around - GIGGLES 7. There's A Party Going On - Yvonne 8. The Question - Concept Of One 9...
  2. C

    With Or Without You (Almightly Mix 2003)

    Does any one know who sings the song With Or Without You (2003). The version I found is the Alimighty remix. It says it's the Cover Girls but I'm not sure if they recorded a new version of this song or not? Does anyone know?
  3. C

    Analise X-mas 2003

    Here's a great shot we took of Analise passed out after her 1st X-mas. She was really enjoying her new chair that Santa brought for her. :)
  4. tanktruck

    Cover Girls & Judy Torres live preformance in 2003 Videos

    I came across this web page, it's for Dance for a Cure 2003 @ the Roxy. It was a benefit for Breast Cancer. It has a couple of freestyle artist preforming live. One of them are the Cover Girls, Evelyn singing live, Sabrina, and Lorraine both dancing there ass off. All three of them looking...
  5. frankie


    The albums that were dissapointing because of the lack of FREESTYLE or poor production,wanted to be better,or just sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :baby HERE's THE LIST :uzi "NY FREESTYLE MIX" by CHRIS "THE GREEK"-on THUMP!records.This comp is too progressive housy/trance,where is the...
  6. 1sxychica

    top 103 songs of 2003 by z103.5

    Song Artist 1.in Da Club 50 Cent 2.get Busy Sean Paul 3.satisfaction Benny B 4.sunrise Simply Red 5.crazy In Love Beyonce 6.tempted To Touch Rupee 7.if You're Not The One Daniel Beddingfield 8.bring Me To Life Evanescence 9.guilia Dj Lhasa 10.makes Me...
  7. myonlysweetie

    2003 X-mas pictures...

    My son (Jayson) and my great-neice (Jocelyn) on X-mas!!!
  8. LaBettyBoop

    ~~~It's 11pm, Year 2003~~~

    Just an hour more to 2003 and goodbye! Then "Hello" to 2004! May everyone prosper in all their endeavors and have the best year to come! I'm sure we can all use it! Lots of Money, Honey and Health to everyone! Just one more hour peeps! I'm getting my drink on right now! I don't think I...
  9. E

    The Last Afternoon Shout Out for 2003

    aim4night, Baby1010, ColombianHarry, Edalgiere, Editz Gone Wild, FreestyleBliss, Gornicevo, Heartbrake, JOEDOCPA, LaIndia320, pinostyle, QuEeNsGuRL24, sietzsounds,
  10. aim4night

    Hey it's Hump Day .. the last one in 2003

    besides it being new yrs eve , it's hump day. btw.. what's for lunch. this biotch is hungry!!:lilsuzy
  11. aim4night

    2003: Romance in review

    Love is strange business — especially when it's put on public display. What did love have to do to make the news this year — and who among the newsmakers was really, er, making it? Surely there was more to 2003 than the decidedly unromantic spectacle of Madonna, Brittney Spears and Christina...
  12. J

    2003 Retrospective Survey

    2003 Retrospective Survey 1. What did you do in 2003 that you’d never done before? I went to NYC to clubs and that is something I thought I would never do. 2. Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I never really make resolutions because I dont stick to...
  13. EZE_2K3

    The Year it Was 2003!

    uhhh bored..!!! ok post whatever you want things you remember..did w/e freestyle shows/chats/topics etc... lets look back at 03... Me i would have to say...the black out crazy ishhh on cf joedocc finallyy posted his pic lol the adult forummm yeyyyyyyy!!!
  14. E

    Top 10 Countdown for 2003 on Friday Freestyle Fix Results

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. Just wanted to let everyone know that I finished taping tonights show. Which will air at 9pm tonight on WBUG 1570AM. I am working on getting the show to be put on my homepage some how so everyone can at least listen to the countdown. When it's up I will...
  15. M

    Great 2003

    Lets get away from the Boneheads of this year. Many had a great 2003. Lets give props to those who had a great 2003. I had a great 2003. I passed my math course. Got a better job. Lebron James Got a $100 million deal from Nike, drafted #1. Good Year for King James. ESPN Good year for their...
  16. lonely4eva

    Wishes, Dreams and Fears(copywritten 2003)

    I've found everything I ever needed, but how could this be true all I know is that with just one look, girl I had fallen 4 u.... U will find something in me, something that no one else knows something only u could ever see, over time as our relationship grows.... How do I explain 2 u the way u...
  17. E

    Top 10 Countdown for 2003 on Friday Freestyle Fix

    On 12/26/03 on the Friday Freestyle Fix WBUG 1570AM The Latin Explosion I will be counting down the Top 10 Freestyle singles for 2003. Who will be #1 for 2003? If you are in the Amsterdam, NY area or Mohawk Valley tune in at 9pm til 10pm
  18. M

    Dec. 10 2003, bad day for Head Coaches

    Yesterday, three coaches got fired. Dan Reeves of The Atlanta Falcons was sacked. Downtown at The MCI Center Bruce Cassidy of The Caps was showned the door. I think that overratted Jaga should have been shown the door. In Phenoix, frank Johnson was fired as Suns head coach. Bad day for head...
  19. aim4night

    Best Song Of 2003

  20. M

    Boneheads of 2003

    2003 was a year of Boneheads!!! I'm here to honor them.LOL The bonehead of 2003 was: RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stating there is a sympathy for Black QB's and doping up on pain pills. Runner ups: Jason Blair I can make up newspaper stories too. Ron Jeremy eerrr That...