1. cArLiToS WaY

    ***Mother Arranges Sex For Her 13 Year Old Daughter***

    This is sick! WTF? ****Mom Arranges Sex For 13-Year-Old Daughter POSTED: 1:42 pm CDT September 23, 2005 WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A Long Island, N.Y., mother has admitted that she made it possible for two men to have sex with her 13-year-old daughter and the girl's 14-year-old friend at a...
  2. HennyLuv159

    My 4 year old son is too funny....

    He truly went grabbed my camera & took this pic on the low.... :nutz :lol
  3. M

    Best sneakers this year.

    What do you thinki are the best looking sneakers out this year? I really love the Air Jordan: Derak jeter mid cut. Blue and white. They are nice. :sflower
  4. R

    every time around this time of year

    every time around this time of year. i get paranoid. cuase i know its coming llloll. soon the leaves will begin to fall. flashes in my mind of ice every where enter my mind. slipping and falling. lack of gripping the floor. cant feel my legs. wind everywhere. this happens to me every time...
  5. CandyLandGirl

    New album releases Before the year is over...

    Be expecting new albums from... MADONNA JANET JACKSON JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE RALPH TRESVANT (New Edition) Know of any? Add it to the list
  6. O

    Question Of The Year!

    Ok Before I Give You Guys This Question Or Poll I Want To Give You Some Examples And Keys To Help Reach Your Answer, Aight I Want You To Try To Disregard Whether Your A Female Or A Male ( That's 1) 2- Think About What You Like Best For Instance- Sounds Of Their Vocals 3- Song Content For...
  7. R

    what year...?

    itz so fun re-discovery freestyle LoL while downloading stuff - i came acroos Bernardo's "Why Did You Quit On Me" & "puppet" by Class. How i so remember hating these songs when they were out because i totally never gave freestyle a chance (until 1994) that it. any who - when did these 2 songs...
  8. Vinss-T

    New School nearby starts pilot August-June school year program

    keep in mind that around here.. school normally starts right after labour day and goes till last week of june. 2 weeks break in december and 1 week in mid-march. Toronto, ON | August 2, 2005 The official start of the new school year is still over a month away, but for about 1,100 students at...
  9. R

    toughtest year of work ever

    this year was tuffest for me i deserve trip to florida !!1 in fact i deserve for the governor of florida to bring me the first two drinks i order right to my spot on the beach. what a tuff winter !! man ,. ray
  10. sExXxe

    A 5 Year Old Girl Forcibly Handcuffed This is unbelievable, I thought I had seen it all! This makes me really angry, to discipline is one thing but this is going way too overboard.
  11. M

    9 year Old Girl killed in School Bus Accident

    I hated to tell this story, but here it is: Dateline; Arlington, Va(Across the river): On Monday; April 18, A Arlington County School bus crashed into a trash truck at 8:35 am. I9 year old girl was dead, the others injured. Clues are showing one of the vhiecles drove across the double orange...
  12. M

    teacher accused of touching 16 year old student

    Dateline; Durham, NC: A Durham High School teacher made her first court appearance after being accused of taking indecent liberties with a 16 year old female student. The incidents allegedley happened between October- December 2004. Kara Renee Hill 30 surrendered to authorities Monday. She...
  13. M

    5 Year Old girl Arrested

    Dateline; St Petersburg, Fl. A 5 year old girl was in handcuffs, and in the back of a police car. This occured after she had a big outburst in class when she hit a teach with a glass bowl. Police say it was proper procedure, but school officials disagree...
  14. M

    11 Year old boy throws baby out of window.

    Dateline; Cincinati: An 11 year old boy is in custoday at city Juvenile Hall after he threw a 1 year old boy out of the window from the third floor. The people who was to be caring for the baby was asleep. How sad is that, I have no more comment.
  15. M

    4 year old shoots toddler

    Dateline; Texas: A 2 year old boy in being treated at a local hospital after he was shot by his 4 year old brother. So much for these gun laws in Texas.
  16. M

    13 Year Old gets Nude lapdance.

    Dateline, Milford: A 23 Year old exotic dance was arrested for giving a 13 year old boy a lap dance. IN addition, showing the boy, nude pictures of herself. The who is the son of her boyfriend was getting real excited from the pics...
  17. M

    4 Year Old Driver

    Everyone who's heard this story know's about the 4 year old driver. Dateline; Sand Lake, Mich: A 4 year old apparently drove his mothers car to a video store at 1:30 am. He saw the store was closed and drove back, but was pulled over by the police who thought the car was left running at a gas...
  18. ChuckD

    one year later...will history repeat???

    A year after her Super Bowl wardrobe "malfunction" shocked the world, Janet Jackson is headed to another Super Bowl event. Attorney Willie Gary announced that Jackson will attend his celebrity scholarship party in Jacksonville on Feb. 5, the eve of the Super Bowl. The Black Family Channel is...
  19. myonlysweetie

    The Year Is 2029:

    Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia (formally known as California). White minorities still trying to have English recognized as Mexifornia's third language. Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and...
  20. E

    89 High Definition DVD titles to be released this year!

    WOW...looks like Enigma will be buying lots and lots of brand new High Definition DVDs that they are releasing at 4th quarter this year! HD-DVD players will surface September! So that means I have to hold off now on my dvd purchases cause I would then...