1. O

    Look Whats On Ebay! Wow! GOOD LUCK!!:sbounce
  2. LaIndia320

    WOW Where are you all?

    ANGELINO (My King), ENIGMA (Banana Pimp), SWEETHEART (French Maid), CHUCK (CF Queen), JOE (God Father), HEARSAY (Butler) and DIAMOND GIRL (Queen of the South) Come out Come Out where ever you are, Im here just waiting for you all, Im so sad with out you all, :lol Im sending you all a big...
  3. O

    L@@k Whats On Ebay Now! Wow!
  4. O

    Law On Ebay Now! Wow! GOOD LUCK!
  5. O

    Look Whats On Ebay Now! Wow! good luck!
  6. O

    La Paris On Ebay Now! Wow!! NO FIGHTING PLEASE :barf
  7. jazzy4u

    Wow a Sweep Boston Won the World Series

    Congratz to the Boston Red Sox. Yankee fan sif you no like this sorry, but got to give props to the winner, time for someone else to win.
  8. jazzy4u

    Wow 2600 posts

    Wow I remember when I hit 1000 posts now it is 2600 holy shit
  9. O

  10. O

    First Class My Sweet Rose On Ebay Wow good luck!
  11. O

    In Effect and First Class Available WOW

    In Effect-Baby You Are The One (Rio Records) First Class-My Sweet Rose (Groove Kontrol) Both excellent chicago freestyle tracks. Looking to trade or sell. Make offers if interested. thanks (those are underscores)
  12. V

    Galley-be mine on ebay WOW!!!

    Heres another extremely rare jam out of Cali! Dont miss this one!! good luck bidding Vasilis
  13. Kenny Guido


    WOW!!! WHAT A NIGHT!!! I must thank Victor for a great night, although Freejack, diane & myself left at 1:30. I have to thank my friends: VICTOR VEGA CHEREE (im sorry i didnt recognize you till we left!) NELSON FFWD CRUZ SCOTMAN LEGIT ARTIE LAURIE (HEARTBRAKE) JESSICA (AMORETTO) LYDIA LEE...
  14. LaIndia320

    Wow I need to Vent and Get out!!!!!

    I need to Enjoy My Bday on March 20th Any Ideas and just bring them on let me know what you think. I want to have a ball. :listen :sbounce :bat
  15. LaIndia320

    Wow I Got my Car!!!

    Yup Yup Ive got my Car I am so Happy. My First Car and I am Loving it. :sflower :hpound
  16. S

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!

    All I have to say is....I just finished listening to "Planet Freestyle" , that was featured on, and all i have to say is...WOW WOW Gino and the DRC crew--that was totally awesome! Now we all have our freestyle fix on Sundays....this was an awesome idea, and as the...
  17. aim4night

    wow i have over 5,000 posts

    so eat my dust. lol j/k.:typing guess i am on here more then i think.:aangel
  18. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Something to make you go hmmm... check it out WOW!!!

    OKAY This is my first Thread let me know what you guys think of this email I received from a friend: > > > > Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, >it deosn't mttaer in >waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny >iprmoetnt tihng is taht >the frist and lsat ltteer be at...
  19. LaIndia320

    Wow we are finally back up!!

    Its about time now we could really start our stuff and researching.:hearton
  20. crazygirl


    we are back on, how good is that now lets start posting;)