1. sweetheart

    World Of Babies.......

  2. I

    hey peeps whats poppin in da freestyle world

    where mah peeps holla at yo boy dj infamous1 im lovin da site but im lovin da ladies even more
  3. M

    Real World Philly. Mel has crabs eerrr Scabies

    Last week was a funny episode. Mel was breaking out in bumps which turns out to be scabies. The whole house was scared they had caught it. Karamo was so funny when he told his friend: Who gets that in 2004. Maybe Mel got if from one of her wild friends at her favorite bar that she don't want...
  4. nessa's302

    A Fools World

    Despite The Negativity & Vicious Words You Speak I Still Long For Your Approval & Always Have Tears Flowing Down My Cheeks You Tell Me You Love Her & She Is Where Your Future Lies But What About What I Had To Offer & How I Felt Inside? Of Course That Didn't Matter B/c To U I Was Just A Fool An...
  5. jazzy4u

    Wow a Sweep Boston Won the World Series

    Congratz to the Boston Red Sox. Yankee fan sif you no like this sorry, but got to give props to the winner, time for someone else to win.
  6. M

    VH1 When Freestyle Ruled The World?

    I hope VH1 add this to their great When ....... Ruled The World Collection. It will be great. Start with the big post disco Underground Dance and Hip Hop movement Shannor releasing; Let The Music Play which gave a greeat influencal sound to freestyle Lisa Lisa and TKA Puts the music on the...
  7. frankie

    What World Foods Have You Eatin?????

    Since, AMERICA is so diverse, Im sure many of us have eaten foods from other countries, so what ethnic foods have you tried and which ones are your favorite and which ones are tired? My list..... American CHINESE JAPANESE VIETNAMESE INDIAN MEXICAN TEXMEX CUBAN PUERTO RICAN RUSSIAN GERMAN...
  8. crazygirl

    Real World. Did you see it? what ya think?

    ok so who saw the new real world? what did ya think? i saw it, and so fair it's ok theirs your Hoe your some what girl, the guy who thinks he is the shyt, and the gay guy. well in this case guys now all i have to say is DAMN that gay guy is FINE the black guy. wow what eye candy :drool...
  9. LilMsBoop

    Real World Joedoc Style

    LOL well let me let yyou know that the real world is starting I believe it is tonight @ 10 and there doing it Joedoc style (Philly style)!!!!!!!!!!!! This season looks like its going to be interesting but then again thats how they all look and last season was BBBOORRIINNGG!!!!! But hey Philly is...
  10. M

    F*ck The World

    PhuCK THE WORLD! Phuck 'em all! Phuck you, Phuck me, Phuck us Phuck Tom Phuck Mary Phuck Gus Phuck dairies, Phuck the west coast and Phuck everybody on the east EAT SHIT AND DIE, or Phuck off at least Phuck pre-schoolers, Phuck rulers, kings and queens, Phuck gold jewelers Phuck wine coolers...
  11. M

    News of The Wierd. World Naked News Tonight

    Dateline, London: It aims to be, literally, the naked Truth. The famous Naked news will be broadcasted on The Get Lucky network on Sattalite in Europe starting 8/16. This is the news broadcast that started in England and transferred in Canada. The female anchors read the news and in addition...
  12. tanktruck

    It's The End Of The World!!!

    Have you ever wondered when it's the end of the world. If your a christian, we believe jesus is gonna be resurected. Have you ever wondered if the news is gonna say late breaking news It's the end of the world. Jesus, is coming. I mean they report everything else right. Just a thought.
  13. M

    Time Machine: 1992. The Real World NYC

    Tonight on VH1 I Love The 90's 1992. The Real World NYC will be discussed. This is the show that Started Reality TV. Question is: If The Real World 1 was a complete failure, would there be a big crave for this Reality TV stuff, would Survivor, Big Brother, etc even exist?
  14. M

    2 PUNK ROCK 4 THIS Real World San Diego Reunion

    Last night was the Real World San Diego Reunion. It was good they had everybody including Frankie. I have no idea what that chick dyed her hain!!LOL They talked about everything including Robin and brads jail nights. They all hated the sailboat job. During the second half, the cast was...
  15. M

    Real World San Diego. Season Finalie

    Well, last night was it. The good season of San Diego wrapped up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, Robin had to go to court after her charge with hitting The Marine at the club in earlier episodes. She got her charge reduced to Public drunkness. Brad got arrested for snaching Camerans fake ID and telling...
  16. M

    Real World San Diego. Charlie Screws The Cast

    First, let me recap last weeks episode. Jaq's mom came to the house from Hotlanta. Jaq's dad has been skipping out on Child support. Robin and Cameran wants so bad to take a day off from the sailboat job. Both Robin and Cameran jumped into the water so they can get a day off. Later Jamie learns...
  17. M

    Real World San Diego. Frankie say Goodbye?

    Last night was an intensed episode. Mainly when Frankie is involved. She kind of let the cast know that she is not feeling happy in the house. She was really starting to irritate the house including one of her biggest supporters; Jaq. He had to confront her about leaving the keys to their SUV...
  18. M

    Real World San Diego. Robin does it..Again!!

    I just don't know what to do with Robin. Last nights episode, Robin is spending time with her man, Mike. A Marine....HUM!!!LOL. Her and the house went to a club. Like in Robin Coyote LOL, she gets hammered. Once she gets hammered, we know the rest. But after Robin turns into Robin Coyote, she...
  19. M

    Real World star does The Pee Wee Herman

    Not the dance.LOL Dateline, Kansas City: This friday, Dan Renzi; star of Real World Miami was arrested for lewd conduct when a undercover cop discovered Mr Renzi masturbating dat a Adult Movie theater while watching a hardcore Gay Porn film. This is his second lewd conduct offense since last...
  20. M

    Disney/Ron Jermey World

    Dateline: Orland FLA. This weekend, there was a big mob scene. The big scene at Disney World this weekend was VIP Guest; Porn Legend Ron Jeremy. Many families was having their pics taking with Ron Jeremy and he was signing autographs with families and kids. I have to say this; what does this...