1. cratebug

    Exclusive FREE mix for CF members to be made this weekend (Suggestions welcome)

    First off, I want to express my gratitude to all the CF members that downloaded my mixes in a previous thread. Alot of you PM'd me asking if I could throw in some of your favorite classics the next time I make a cd....well, as it turns out, I will have a little time this weekend...not alot of...
  2. I

    Any shows labor day weekend on the East coast

    Hi I'm sUzIe from San Jose. I'm going to be visiting family on the East coast labor day weekend. Are there any shows planned either in New Jersey, New York or Philly that weekend? If so please forward info. Thanks, sUzIe
  3. T

    Labor Day Weekend Jam With Stevie B!

    Kick off the Labor Day weekend festivities at the hottest spot in Massachusetts for freestyle... Julio's Nightclub in Lawrence Mass. Julio's presents the Labor Day Weekend Jam starring Stevie B!!!! Stevie will be performing his biggest hits as well as material form his new cd "This Time". So...
  4. SONYA


    So what's everyone saying for the weekend... Monday is a holiday here in Ontario so it's a long weekend!!! I work tho but I'm sure I'll find time to have some fun :silly
  5. legit


    hey guys, dont 4 get about the tv show this sat at 12n to 4pm. the diamante show,, its at 537 west 59st bet 10th and 11th ave, its the m & n studio. its free and all r welcome. like always u never know who will show up.... also this sunday artie & legit will be performing in central park nyc...
  6. ChuckD

    Weekend plans yet anyone????

    Ok, so it's early, but who has plans for the weekend already? I will be in Pa. (again) for a family reunion. There will be about 75 "DiGuilio" family members at my cousin's house all day Saturday for a barbque/pool party thing going on. Spending the night, coming back first thing Sunday...
  7. CandyLandGirl

    LIVE this weekend !

    LYNETT 07-18-05 - LIVE PERFORMANCE - Boston Spanish Festival, Boston, MA 07-17-05 - LIVE PERFORMANCE - Helping Hands for Heros, Boston, MA 07-16-05 - LIVE PERFORMANCE - Latin American Festival, Salem, MA www.LYNETT-ONLINE.com
  8. LaIndia320

    ~*~ PricanPrince & LaIndia's Weekend ~*~

    1~ Delilah 2~ LaIndia and The Girls 3~ PricanPrince & LaIndia
  9. nessa's302

    ~*Weekend Plans*~

    Hello everyone, what are your plans for the weekend? My bro Eze is in town so I'm hoping to catch up w/ him tonight if not I'll be chilling w/ my boys getting my drink on........I have to work all day tomorrow for that reggaeton concert CAN'T WAIT :dancepuff and then Sunday I hope to chill and...
  10. Edalgiere

    09/04/05 Holiday weekend, Freesytle Flashback 3 @ the china club

    the world famous china club for Freesytle Flashback 3 labor day weekend now work the next day lisa lisa tka \k7 cynthia judy torres nice & smooth George Lamond Two without house lydia lee love address 268 w 47th st btwn broadway and 8th ave
  11. James Anthony

    Coming up this weekend on KTU.....

    First off.... Be sure to tune in this Sunday, July 3rd at 11AM for a special bonus freestyle fix from yours truly. 26 minutes...14 songs! You do the math. Then at 11PM, join Judy Torres and myself for the KTU Freestyle Free For All. In this mix we have a BRAND NEW remix of Johnny O's...
  12. R

    weekend news

    if you notice the weekends have become the latest battle ground of our adveseries. all the poeple who wanna screw with this place. release news on fridays saturday and sundays lol. n korea china big time. the insurgents all the time on the weekend. and france whos not a adversery or...
  13. ChuckD

    7/3/05 Holiday weekend, Freesytle Flashback 2

    China Club in NYC. Freestyle Flashback 2 Judy Torres George Lamond Noel Coro Fascination Johnny O. Lisette Melendez Rob Base
  14. Sexyangel329


    Any weekend plans peoples I shall be going to my dawgs house tomorrow night to celebrate her and her honeys love day of love and I am making some bistec for per her and Dianes request then Sat if its nice taking Tavi out and getting him a lil pool Sunday BBQ as always lol. Whats in the works...
  15. Company B

    Take It While It's Hot! (Memorial Day Weekend)

    So, what did everyone do memorial day weekend?? I know some of you were at the concerts, some at cookouts, so how was it?? & What were your theme songs?? This weekend I had my homeboy & my cousin visit me, & it was so suffocating hot, we tanned out by da pool/went swimming, went out to eat...
  16. R

    Weekend Off!!!

    It's good to be military. Only in the military will they tack on another day to the holiday and make it into a 4 day weekend for us. LOL!!! HOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! And my other half, left this morning HATING on me and ish. She left with mad attitude. Hehehehehe
  17. nessa's302

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Most of you are going to the Copa show but those of you who aren't what will be your plans? As for me, I'm going to be in South Beach w/ my honey. Unfortunately b/c of the place I work in I have to attend this damn Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson concert thingy on Sat night and chill w/ all the old...
  18. K

    Memorial Day weekend (BIG WEEKEND! !!) what's happening?

    this is a Memorial Day Weekend (BIG WEEKEND! !!) report: MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS COMING! WHAT WILL YOUR RADIO STATION BE DOING ABOUT IT? Here in Arizona, we have QUITE A FEW stations that will be mixing live ALL WEEKEND! ENERGY 92.7/101.1 www.energyarizonafm.com which now plays AN...
  19. Sexyangel329

    Weekend Plans

    Tomorrow is Friday what are ya weekend plans? Well my faather comes in from Florida tomorrow to visit my grandmothers grave for Mothers Day he gets in late so i will be heading to the lower east side Saturday morning to see him and so he can see Tavi then coming back to BK, Sunday is mamas day...
  20. LaIndia320

    ~*@LaIndia's Weekend Pictures@*~

    LaIndia, Delilah and the Girls