1. S

    Its been a long time

    How u doin???? I haven't been in touch in some time.I miss you all.Hello to all my fellow CF people old and new! Peace, Silentmorning :listen
  2. Sexyangel329

    How much Time

    Out of 100% how much of your time is spent in front of yuor computer on CF lol. I ask cause I knwo for the better part of my 8:30-4;30 I am popping in and out. S I would say about 35%-45% of my time I am on CF. When I am home I try not to get on the comp at all because that to me is my familys...
  3. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Your Favorite Time For CF~*~

    What part of the day or night is your favorite time to get on CF? And why? I think it depends with me..........I like it when it's busy and everyone's replying to everything. And I had my favorite mornings with those and my favorite nights too. :)
  4. ChuckD

    be here...9pm....channel 4 Week 4 of "Hit Me Baby, 1 More Time, play by play thread

    be here...9pm....channel 4 Week 4 of "Hit Me Baby, 1 More Time, play by play thread Ok cfers....be here to see Damian (simon) and ChuckD (paula-:lol) discuss the performances of the "back in the day" stars as they perfrom their biggest hit, and a remake of a song from today. Today's line up...
  5. A

    Free Download: Angel Moreno - Time Will Tell

    Hello everyone, download another one of my songs free. Angel Moreno - Time Will Tell Click on link: http://sharenewyork.com/shnyfile/download/680 (Vocal) http://www.weedtracks.com/shnyfile/download/115102 (Instrumental)
  6. ChuckD

    Don't forget! Hit Me Baby 1 More Time. The official play by play thread!

    Well, last week Damian and I did a Simon/Paula thing on the acts that were performing. This week, we have performing........... Irene Cara (Flashdance....What A Feeling) Sophie B. Hawkins (Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover) Howard Jones (Things Can Only Get Better) Cameo (Word Up) Wang Chung...
  7. N

    Hit me baby 1 more time!

    Some of you might has seen this show on NBC where one time hit wonders (some have more hits than others) go in fron of audience and do their hit song and compete with other artists.So far they have had on artists like Vanilla Ice,Arrested Development,Tiffany,Flock Of Seagulls,Haddaway etc.I was...
  8. Dianita

    Can you love(romantically) two people at the same time????

    Is this possible?? Can you be in love with two people at the same time??? Is it maybe something that happens more with men than women, like a kind of neurological thing???
  9. LaBettyBoop


    Time, It goes too fast, I feel so pressured, Not enough time............... Time, Against time, Always running Against this damn time............. I feel as if, Time will run out, And you won't come back, To find me around............. Because you see, That time, Can work against you, If...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Almost Dinner Time~*~

    Well I started my cooking and I'm making white rice and beef with broccoli. I'm starving and can't wait til it's done. :drool What are you having for dinner tonight? :heee
  11. italo512

    its time again peeps!!!!!

    i couldnt let jenn go back to fla. without a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!! guys,dont look at the hips,they are mine!!!!!!!!!
  12. edde333

    i hope everyone is going to have a good time

    hi all i just wanted to say hi and i am sorry i have been M-I-A i hope everyone is going to have a good time over the weekend have fun and be safe!!!!!!!!:cheers
  13. Sexyangel329

    Almost Time

    For us hard working folk to get out of work weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol I am out @ 4 today I so want to get home and enjoy the rest of the day :lol
  14. F

    Hit me Baby One More Time

    There is a new showing starting this Thursday on NBC at 9:00 PM called Hit Me Baby One More Time where artists that had big hits will battle it out live each week, singing their hit songs. Some of the artists will be Tiffany, Wang Chung, Flock of Seagulls, Vanilla Ice, and more. I will...
  15. V

    been a long time

    its been about 4-5 yrs since i have been on this site. i was on back in the day under the name "desejo" if anyone wants to chat or old friends remember me... email me sometime... brettpgibson@gmail.com
  16. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Dinner Time~*~

    Whatcha having for dinner? I'm making pork chops, baked seasoned potatoes and some white rice and beans for my son who doesn't like potatoes. :drool
  17. sexyredrose

    Once In A Life Time

    what would i do were would i be without you in my life in my life time i would never come across another like you there is nother your one of a kind and hard to find a nother no way no how lucky i have been just to have found you and kept you for so long i have been looking for someone...
  18. taezee

    flashback THE TIME ooo weee oooo weee oooo!!!

    :spliff http://www.kontraband.com/show/show.asp?ID=1821&NEXTID=0&PREVID=1823&DISPLAYORDER=20050117172456&CAT=movies&NSFW=5&page=6 too funny!!!
  19. Michael "Kidd" Gomez

    Great time I had at Nelson's B-day party

    Wow, I had a great time,.. i saw some old friends and made new friends.. The show of & more , Nysaia and Noel were off the hook. Me and wifey really had a great time. Nelson & Wifey were a great host and was the first time I met Nelson and he made me feel very welcomed. Also saw many friends...
  20. T

    best stevie B song of all time

    i was wondering what everyone thinks is stevie B best song that he has ever made. if you ever believed in love is my favourite song of his which is your favourite?