1. R

    SATURDAY, AUg. 20th at PIATTO's

    This Saturday the party continues in Brooklyn Rio Lopez invites you to SHOWCASE SATURDAYS!!!! @ PIATTOS in BENSONHURST BROOKLYN on the corner of 86th street and 24th ave. Performing live Ayna performing new hits off her new...
  2. ChuckD

    Saturday afternoon shoutouts!!!

    Holla to everyone online right now..... DJ KALYMNOS DJ Soul Enigma Freestyle Avenger GEMINIPRINCESS JohnFly5 mike4949 mizzfrankiej22 mzcrazybtch Papo329 REX3 Entertainment TBomb Unique_Freestyle
  3. T

    Saturday Night Request Show

    Come Join us for The Saturday night Live Request show!!! The Show starts at 7pm till 11pm Then 2DG Radio takes over from 11pm till they drop. Also Artie and Legit will be stopping by the 2DG studio once again so stay tuned. You can Join us in the chat room and tune into Disciples of...
  4. yburgos7

    Happy Saturday CF!!!

    :wave I just want to give a BIG shoutout to my people at CF!!! Happy Saturday!!! Enjoy and Be Safe!!! HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shakinboo
  5. E

    Some late night Saturday shoutouts!

    ChuckD ClubHeadinNJ Company B DiaMoND_GiRL Dianita DJ Dee X-Man Itala italo512 JackG Kary Myafantapdancer NVDisMa729 Sexyangel329 tanktruck Vickie Vale bassbump melissa figueroa Sabor Bori Vinss-T HOOOOOOOOOOOOO :dancepuff
  6. D

    Tonight Saturday On The Freestyle Family From 12am To 2am

  7. T

    Saturday Night request show is On Now

    The Countdown has started people, DOF Saturday night live request show!! Saturday live request shows start from 7pm to 11pm There are three ways to submit your request 1. Sign into the chat room 2. Using AOL Instant messenger send me an IM, my user id name is ( ted4freestyle ) 3. Send me an...
  8. Itala

    Happy Saturday!

    Good Saturday Morning CF! Hope everyone has a awesome Day!:dancingb
  9. bullboykennels

    Freestyle Music & Chat 2 Great Shows Tune In on Saturday.

    2 Great Shows Tune in on Saturday 1. Show Disciples Of Freestyle Radio with Ted from 7-11 p.m. Chat Room hosted at So make all your song Request. 2. Show 2DaGroove Radio with Juan "2DG" Valentine...
  10. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Saturday~*~

    Wooooohoooooo!!! :yeey The weekend is here baby! Good Morning! Good Saturday! Most are probably sleeping late. But enjoy your day today. Have fun tonight if you're going out. :heee Have a wonderful day. :)
  11. D

    Saturday June 12 Live From The Studio 88.1 WESU fm From 12 to 2 The Freestyle Family

    What Upppp This Dj Larry vee We Will Be live On 88.1 Wesu Fm Check Us Out live request line 860-685-7700 from 12 to 2 tonight we have lots of new music so check us out tonight peace freestyle forever dj larry vee and dj larry vee jr.......
  12. D

    The Freestyle Family show will be On Tonight From 12 to 2am This Saturday

    Check Us Out Tonight From 12 to 2 am on 88.1 wesu fm we have lots of new music to play tonight request line 860-685-7700
  13. M

    Happy Saturday

    Happy Sat. I'm working!!! That stinks!!
  14. LaIndia320

    Saturday CF Shout Out

    Feel Free to shout out anyone and everyone, MMj@@@@ to my CF Family. To the ones on and The ones that are enjoying this weather. Mu@@@@@@@@ DJ Dee X-Man, DjCaliente, djxxxtc, freestylemasters, Gornicevo, MalibuDelo, Michael "Kidd" Gomez, MonaLisa, oppositeme, PURE TREND PrPrince, Jazzy...
  15. M

    Working Saturday

    I'm using CF from the student lounge in Georgetown U. which is hwere I work. I had to work today(over time) Since today is graduation. Lots of people here. Other than that, this place is dead!!!
  16. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Saturday~*~

    :wave everybody! Enjoy your day today. It's the weekend and you've all waited for it to come. No work! Just party! :dancingb Got any plans for tonight? I'm having a party in my house. :D Have a great Saturday.
  17. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Good Saturday~*~

    Good morning peeps! It's Saturdaaaaaayyyyy!! :yeey This is "going out" day. "Hang out" time. What are your plans for today? :heee
  18. J

    Ive been looking for this song and they played it on KTU Saturday

    It was played around 7:35pm , mix was by DJ James A i believe... Verse starts off like "When I was young, my papa told me, grow up and be haaapppy" 2nd Verse says something about her finding another girls neglijay (sp?) Chorus is: "Take back the love you gave to me, the kinda love that...
  19. LaIndia320

    Good Saturday To all of My CF Family!!!!!!!

    Whats Up My CF Family, Wanted to Wish you all a Wonderful Saturday. I will be going to the Diamante Show, what you will be doing? :dancingb
  20. Heavenly

    Saturday Night Crew!

    Huge Shoutouts to YOU Nighthawkers CHRISM, ChuckD, Edalgiere, Fireylatina31, jbrea2005, Lamatrix, Unique_Freestyle