1. O

    Hard 2 Find Freestyle Records and more thanks all
  2. A

    Just put freestyle records on Ebay..check it out

    link is below: Thanks :listen
  3. O

    looking for some records, can u help?

    here is my short want list, if anyone can help out send me a pm. i'm willing to trade or buy. shayme-forever and a day 3 of a kind-dreams andromeda-don't stop your love laura-only in my dreams dot dash-back now boy bobby leal-where is the love brittany york-dancing all through the night...
  4. A

    Rare Freestyle records on Ebay....

    Below is the freestyle & electro..seller name : ny-dj :dancepuff
  5. O

    Freestyle Cd Singles And Records THANKS ALL
  6. O

    Freestyle Records Book 1 Week Sale

    OK guys! its official. It's down to the very last copies of the freestyle records book. I'm sure you've seen the posts already and maybe some thought its too much or said i'll wait for a sale. This is your chance to save and get a copy before its sold out. I am the author and only seller of this...
  7. C


    I have a ton of freestyle for sale, mostly common stuff, a few things you really don't see like love desire by chrissy ieece, fatal attraction by ian iyce and a few others, my question is should i post a list here and let the cf'ers buy what they want or should i go straight to e-bay..
  8. A

    Freestyle records on Ebay....

    click link below (or search under my seller name > ny-dj) :dancingb
  9. A

    Freestyle records on Ebay....

    Got some recors I listed....Link is below or search under seller name : ny-dj :dancingb
  10. O

    Lots Of Rare Freestyle Records Listed THANKS ALL
  11. C

    what is the best TAZMANIA RECORDS song?

    Tazmania put out freestyle records when a lot of other labels gave up. What is your favorite release by this label? -los
  12. C

    Why did freestyle records always look so cheap?

    I loved and supported freestyle through all it's ups and downs. But why did the records (layouts, artwork, photos) always look so cheap? -los
  13. A

    Freestyle records for sale...Claudia - Rapture Capture, etc

    Got an offer of $75 so far for the Claudia - Rapture Capture....if anyone is interested in buying it for more, let me know. or Selling on Ebay now as > ny-dj Send your wants... Also got: Hint Of Grey - Lover Rick Zeno - Don't Want you To Go...
  14. SpeedTribe

    Metropolitan Records Freestyle

    Is there any one who liked the stuff from New Jersey's Metropolitan Records? The pressings were a but cheap, but the music was the best.
  15. O

    Freestyle Records Book

    Amazing book for all the freestyle record collector's and dj's out there. get your copy today. :welcome
  16. D.J. Paradise

    Mic Mac Records is Looking for New Songs for Bangin Beats 3

    With Bangin' Beats 1 & 2 out the way, Mic Mac Records isn't wasting anytime with the next one. They are looking for brand new songs for volume 3. If you have brand new, never played anywhere else freestyle song that you would like to have on the mixed compilation, Bangin' Beats Volume 3, you can...
  17. rock84

    any freestyle artists here affiliated with dos records?

    if so, what's the deal with the "freestyle-The Next Level Phase 2-The Beat Goes On" cds? was the project cancelled?
  18. O

    Freestyle Records Book 1 Week Sale

    This week only. Save $10 on your purchase. Sale runs through Sunday 8/28. This price is only available through website. tell your friends!!
  19. L

    New Auction!! Records Under 50 Cents!

  20. indegruv

    freestyle records for sale

    LP albums the cover girls - we can't go wrong - 10 tracks (capitol) like new w/pic sleeve $6 12" singles alisha - let your heart make up your mind - 6 mixes (rca) $2 alisha - too turned on - 3 mixes (vanguard) $2 the cover girls - promise me - 3 mixes (fever) $3 *** eighth wonder - cross my...