1. K

    Rhythm Radio's "Top 100 Freestyle Hits"!

    We would like to invite everyone to tune into Rhythm Radio ( on Thursday, 09/28/05, as we play Rhythm Radio's Top 100 Freestyle Hits! We have put together a list of Rhythm Radio's top 100 freestyle hits, strictly based on phone/email requests and electronic votes from Rhythm...
  2. Ivan Diller

    AOL Radio

    On AOL Radio, there's an '80s Dance station that plays TONS of freestyle. Check it out if you have AOL.
  3. K

    Most requested songs on Rhythm Radio!

    Just wanted to share this information with everyone out there! The following songs are currently our most requested/ most voted for tracks on Rhythm Radio (, for those who are interested in these kinds of statistics! Remember, Rhythm Radio is not a "freestyle only"...
  4. joel_12985

    freestyle radio

    i live in the chicagoland area and i wanted to know if anybody knew any radio station that played freestyle and what time.
  5. M

    internet radio station in miami

    we play the best in freestyle,trance,disco,salsa,slow jams. visit us @ you must have windows media player to listen live. or coppy and paste this on your address browser. mms:// tell all your friends to log in the mixx. taking request @ 786-286-8449...
  6. K

    Rhythm Radio Returns!!

    Luckily, we weren't gone long! All problems have been worked out, and we are happy to announce that RHYTHM RADIO ( has returned!!! We are ready to heat up your computer once again, playing the hottest mix of dance and (rhythmic) pop hits from the 80's, 90's, and the New...
  7. K

    Rhythm Radio Stops Broadcasting

    I regret to inform you that Rhythm Radio ( discontinued its broadcast at approximately 1am (EST) on September 10, 2005. Rhythm Radio will no longer be broadcasting through Live365, and will be cancelling our broadcasting services which have been provided by Live365. In fact...
  8. misskiki

    Freestyle on AOL Radio

    When I was browsing through AOL radio, I noticed that they have a big selection. They cater to every genre of music except Freestyle (of course:mad ) I also noticed that they have a place for feedback. I propose that everyone who uses AOL send a short email to saying that...
  9. K

    Rhythm Radio's "HOT NIGHT #1"

    Rhythm Radio ( will be putting on its "HOT NIGHT #1" concert in Summer 2006. It will be a great night of dance, freestyle, and rhythmic pop music from the 80's and 90's, and will feature hit-making recording artists! We will start officially booking artists in November or...
  10. D

    What do you want in a radio station?

    I want your opionions: What do you want in a webcast station? what kind of music mix would you? Are there certain types of music that would make you NOT listen? Is a good website important (with listener interaction?) Does the station imaging between songs help or hinder? what...
  11. K

    A new concept from Rhythm Radio!!!

    Hey there, Freestyle fanatics! Here's a whole new concept from Rhythm Radio (, "Your Dance Music Paradise"!!! Are you someone who loves freestyle and dance music, and loves live performances by dance artists, but you DO NOT like going out to dance clubs? Believe it or...
  12. Krystal

    NUI in the studio with 2DG/WCM Radio!

    WOOT!!!!!!!! The pics came out great!!!! Thanks for sending them over so I could post them up Rafael! :D
  13. D

    DJ Steve Callo on Sirius satellite radio

    Hey guys, Just wanted to drop by to tell you that I was a guest DJ today, Tuesday from 1pm-2pm on the MICMAC ATTACK. I believe there will be a re-broadcast this Friday, from 5pm-6pm. (not sure yet how the station rotates the mixes) LOL Here are the songs from todays show: SET 1 & More-...
  14. B

    Digital radio available?

    Hi Could someone tell me if Digital radio is available in the u.s. yet? If it has then are there any stations that play the classics along side the new material thats coming out. I understand that the majority of new stuff is released by small labels not able to spend big on advertising &...
  15. E

    So you want that Freestyle song to be played more on the radio right?

    Sony just got busted! So it makes me wonder...if we want our new Freestyle to be played more on the radio stations...would we have to pay them...[Dr Evil voice]a hefty ransom? [/Dr Evil Voice] Sony Settles 'Payola' Probe for $10M ALBANY, N.Y. — Sony BMG Music Entertainment (search) agreed...
  16. Tony G.


    L&J MIXDOWN RADIO SHOW CHARTS Attention Artists,I will posting contact info so that you can send in your "NEW MUSIC" If Its good they will play it. Reggaeton, Freestyle,Urban Dance, Hip Hop and more. L&J will also kicking off a Cable TV Variety show based out of North Jersey. Thats coming soon...
  17. M

    internet radio station in miami

    well that's right freestyle lover's . I'm back so now if you want to listen to all your favorite freestyle,trance,salsa, visit us @ or mms:// enjoy the station :) e-mail us tell us what you like on the mixx.
  18. heidee14

    Chicago Radio Change!

    The very popular Spanish Radio Station ~Viva ~93.5/103.1~ That played just about any music that was the Trend...from Juanes.. to Mana...To Alejandra Jennifer Pena to Mdo to Aventura to Obie Bermudez..To Kumbia Kings to Monchy Y...
  19. M

    What would you change about Contemparary Hit Radio

    Since radio is becoming crap, and iPods and XM is taking over. How would you make radio better. Like If you could be the program directors of Hot 97, Z100, KTU. What would you change about the station and it's playlists? Me, in DC, I would loosen up Hot 995 playlist, add more catalog of recent...
  20. Edalgiere

    nyclubwhore radio

    yes folks its back and better then ever, right now testing new software so check it out. link1 link2 let me know what you think.