1. Angelino

    Shout Outs

    Every one on line Chris-TheNuk Dayer HennyLuv159 LamondFan Mike 4949
  2. jazzy4u

    shout outs

    I want to give a shout out to all on right now. bassbump danny djsun1ny geminiprincess mike4949 musiclady2424 ricanlips4u ricky9 seductive nena topent vbandms and the ones hiding LOL
  3. crazygirl

    Sunday shout outs

    just wanted 2 give a shout out to everyone thats on line right now Happy Sunday :D bobbybouche, Delisious, DJ. 'Mr.Edit' Lubin, DOS Records, Liz_Torres, MonaLisa, Mysterious Darkness, Rookie, Sadness, SONYA, Willie Valentin,
  4. FreestyleKidd

    Shout Outs for 6/8/04

    Wasup, wasup, wasup CF people. Hope everyone is having a great Tueday so far. Some morning shoutouts to: Baby1010, DJ 'Mr.Edit' Lubin, JOEDOCPA, poppadad74, Psycho, QuEeNsGuRL24, scotman
  5. Edalgiere

    eds LQ review & shout outs

    first of all LQ was slammin from the start what can you say the acts where awsome from ayna and manny to nyasia who was off the charts and i am not forgetting ashley nick colon &more lil suzy, angel from the cover girls and Gioia of expose (thanks scotman) now for the my shout outs grande...
  6. FreestyleKidd

    Shout Outs for 5/28/04

    Wasup, Wasup, Wasup CF people! :yeey Everybody ready for the big weekend? Big Wasups to: ACE, ayna, ChuckD, Dave G>, DESTINY0806, HennyLuv159, KENNY GUIDO, myonlysweetie, naynay102, QuEeNsGuRL24, ricanlips4u, SEDUCTIVE NENA, EL BORICUA 72, Baby1010, Melly22 Latin Quarters here we come!
  7. FreestyleKidd

    Shout Outs for 5/24/04

    Just wanna give a shoutout to some of the members that I see are still here. Ha, Ha! A big Monday Wasup to: Delisious, EL BORICUA 72, LaBettyBoop, MonaLisa, QuEeNsGuRL24, Raquel, ROXYGURL, SEDUCTIVE NENA
  8. MonaLisa

    Shout Outs~ Club Tru 5~21

    WOW!!!!!!!! What a night! Its now 5:22 and im kinda tipsy (everybody in da club gettin tipsy!) I first gotta say the show was dyn-o-mite! I had such a great time,it was GREAT to see some people from the boards there as well. I first gotta say Willie Valentin, I hope you're feeling better, sorry...
  9. E

    Friday Shout Outs for 5/21/04

    TGIF EL_BORICUA_72, Baby1010, bigMARC, Brklyn345, CHIBOY, crazygirl, Delisious, DJ Soul, DJONE, drgngold770, EmeryTorres, evaz, FR3ESTYLEKING, Freestygal, freestylejuarez, Heartbrake, JOEDOCPA, KENNY GUIDO, LaNenaDeOro, LilMsBoop, Melly22, nessa's302, pjay1er, RENEE...
  10. E

    May 14, 2004 Shout Outs TGIF

    TGIF Shout Outs EL_BORICUA_72, LaBettyBoop, latinocop, myonlysweetie, pro, QuEeNsGuRL24, radclerk, RENEE, scape83
  11. E

    5/13/04 SHout outs

    EL_BORICUA_72, .Fantasy1., aim4night, Baby1010, ChuckD, DjCaliente, JeromeG1234, latinocop, megotamagicstick, Psycho, QuEeNsGuRL24, RENEE, scape83, SEDUCTIVE NENA, sugi, YOUNG MEGATRON, ~*AnGeLeYeZ*~,
  12. J

    Good Morning/Shout outs!!

    MORNING ALL.. GOSH its freakin early.. isnt it?? Wanna say Shout out to (everyone else does it...) Liz Torres Scott Kenny Guido... I guess it must be really early... Have a great day y'all!! :nah
  13. DreamGirl

    Shout Outs For Last Night...Stevie B Show

    Gee, such a long lists of shoutouts I hope I can remember everyone. Big shout out to: Maci LOL Ok, so a short list! Anyway, last night at the Stevie B show in Jersey had a good time and I hadn't seen him perform so it was something to look forward to. He did a good job, and I don't know how, but...
  14. J

    Moderator call outs

    Hi VIP members, I am making some Moderator call outs for you guys to vote on soon. We need to pick the best Members to be Moderators here. Only people who Have What It Takes!!
  15. MonaLisa

    Shout Outs for AC Show 4-16

    I gotta shout out my girlzzzzzzz who trooped it to AC w/me last night. LaNenaDeOro, Gloria and Toya ...it was a fun ride down, we had a blast before the show!!!! LaNena .... wheres the bean dip ma? LOLOLOL I hope Toya still isnt dancing ;) Wilson and Jessica .... BIG PROPS to you both for...
  16. LaIndia320

    Well here Goes my Krash shout outs!!

    I want to say my thank you to all my cf family that were there last night. you guys are the greatest. I had a ball and it was because of you all. :sbounce Delicious - Mama Wow Thank you so much Especially for the Cheese Cake hmm Delisioso. My Only Sweety Ma you need to bring those guys again...
  17. E

    Friday Shout Outs for 3/12/04

    Wepa was up CF peeps TGIF Let me hear you say WEEEEEEEEPAAAAAAAAA Round1 EL_BORICUA_72, atxfreestyler, Delisious, FantasyGerl, Lamondfan, latinocop, mike4949, MrsGwedoKing, MyriamCruz1977, QuEeNsGuRL24, Rookie
  18. LaIndia320

    Thursday Shout Outs!!! Give me a loud A$$ WepAAAA!!!!

    WWEEEEEEEPPPpppaaaaaaaaaa mi Familia!!!LaIndia320 Baby1010 corleone62775 dathunder David djxxxtc Edalgiere FreestyleKidd K7 tka KENNY GUIDO Krystal La Mas Grande LaBettyBoop Lamondfan latinocop mario5starr melissa22 myonlysweetie nessa's302 pHiLLyGurL25 Psycho Scott SEDUCTIVE NENA sExXxe...
  19. LaIndia320

    Shout Outs for Tuesday

    My Shout Outs :flowery LaIndia320 aim4night Baby1010 cArLiToS WaY Delisious Edalgiere emilio JackG JOEDOCPA Kary Krystal La Mas Grande melissa22 mzcrazybtch NyfreestyleNY Rhoq Rookie SEDUCTIVE NENA
  20. LaIndia320

    Saturday "VALENTINES" Shout Outs!!!

    Happy Valentines My Family!!! :hyes LaIndia320 *Sophia* aim4night crazygirl DaniZ86 danny Delisious DJ Soul GeneRombola Krystal LaBettyBoop mike4949 nessa's302 scotman :hyes