1. cArLiToS WaY

    **InDiA LivE @ CrObAr, NYC**

    Did anyone from the site check out India @ Crobar last week?
  2. D


    Does anyone remember these clubs ? If so, I would not mind a good chat of these days & music talk. Actually I was just looking at my good friends video with the only recording ever from hearthrob of Little Louie Vega's 1st BDay party that had every artist you could think of. If you want to chat...
  3. Tony G.

    Nu Image , Peter Fontaine and Cheree NYC

    Memorial Day Weekend Friday May 27th Nu Image Returns To NYC Performing "Tears In My Eyes" "It's Not Right" and Exclusive New Music from their upcoming album. This will definatelty be a Nu Image appearance you won't want to miss. Also Pefroming that night Peter Fontaine singing "Just Like...
  4. Rhoq

    Who wants to see Peter Fontaine make his long overdue return to NYC?

    If you're interested in seeing Peter Fontaine perfom live at the Remy Lounge on May 27 please respond with your name ans screen name via e-mail to either myself at: or DJ Legend at: DJLEGENDPHILLY@AOL.COM If enough fans respond, Peter will be there.
  5. Edalgiere

    ktu 103.5 nyc right now

    is any one listening to ktu right now there playing a killer set check it out lol
  6. M

    Beyonce booed at NYC Fashion Week

    Dateline, New York, NY: R&B and Pop sensation beyonce and lover Jay-Z were big guest at a big Fashion show on Fri as part of NYC fashion week. They stood on the runway for 20 mins giving shoutouts. Spectators were a little irritated. Then they started to boo the power couple.(Aol.News) One...
  7. latinocop

    Gay marriages in NYC

    For you Chuck
  8. J

    NYC - Win Tickets: George Lamond & Cynthia, DJ Lucho, Erika's Birthday Bash!

    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH @ EUGENE'S (27w 24th street & 6th Ave) performing live"George Lamond & Cynthia"DJ Lucho Wazaaaaa ClubFreestyle Peoples! Sal Abbatiello of Fever Records wants to Hook Up ClubFreestyle Members by Giving away Tickets to the Hottest Freestyle Show On The Planet...
  9. T

    NYC shops for freestyle?

    Hey all I'm in business in Manhattan (midtown). Any good stores to check out that sell freestyle? I went to Virgin Megastore in Times Square. The tower records in DC sells more freestyle than they do. lol Thanx.
  10. B

    Pajama Party/ Remy Lounge Nyc

    Pajama Party wants to thank Eddie Batiz for playing their new song ( the Spanish version ) at the Remy Lounge 1/7/2005. It was soooo...beautiful. THANKS EDDIE!!
  11. ChuckD

    NYC people, need your help again....

    Ok, a while ago I posted that I was looking for the name of a fountain near central park. Thanks to the cf peeps, I got the name. Columbus Circle Fountain. Well, I have been all over the internet for the past week and can not find any good, clear shots of this fountain. I need something of a...
  12. R

    GET READY NYC and Long Island!!

  13. M

    michelle visage coming back to nyc!!

    just heard she will be on mix 102.7 as of feb 14 - I'm lovin it!!!
  14. ChuckD

    Help needed from the NYC peeps.....

    Ok, I want to surprise a friend with a gift. He is a huge fan of "Sex & The City" and apparently there are a number of scenes that were shot by a big fountain by Central Park. We went to find this fountain, he wanted a pic of himself by it. Well, the fountain is under construction and we...
  15. E

    Latino Voice Pick Up Location in NYC

    Where to pick up your free copy of Latino Voice in NYC El Castillo De Jagua Resturant 113 Rivington Street Cor. Essex St NY, NY 10002
  16. crazygirl

    R. Kelly Pepper Sprayed at NYC Concert

    NEW YORK (Oct. 30) - A member of rapper Jay Z's entourage released pepper spray at R. Kelly during a joint concert at Madison Square Garden, Kelly's publicist said. The spraying happened about an hour into Friday night's show, when Kelly walked on stage and said he saw two people in the...
  17. P

    Where can I go for Freestyle on a Saturday night in NYC?

    Hi all.... It's been a while since I've posted here on a BUG whats' up to the CF Family!!! I've got the BIG 30 rolling around next week.... & we're looking for a Freestyle party for next Sat. Nov. 6th... anybody know of anything going on..any performances in the NYC area? NYA.. Happy...
  18. M

    Csi Nyc

    Is anybody gonna check it out this Wed at 10?
  19. ChuckD

    Recent trip to NYC

    Ok, so I went to NYC on Sunday with Scott, and had some film in my old camera, so I took some pics, and Scott took some pics of me. These first three, are not me, but they struck me funny, and I had to take them!!!
  20. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~NYC Salsa Congress~*~

    I had a great time last night watching the kids and teen salsa congress. My daughter performed like a true professional dancer and I was very proud of her. After the show, they had something called "Socials" where you go into a grand ballroom to socialize with other dancers that were there...