1. bigMARC

    An Article On Marc Anthony In Wednesdays Ny Dailey News..

    Whasssssup my peeps?? What's goin' oooooooN!? well, as i flipped through the newspaper, i came across an article about the man, a true living legend: MARC ANTHONY. He's going to be @ the PR parade representing as the INTERNATIONAL GRAND MARSHALL. Anyways, here's what the article reads::::::::::>...
  2. J

    ** SAFIRE News READ & Post Questions! **

    Safire News Wass up PEOPLES!! Guys SAFIRE and her bro - Angel just phoned me. Filled me in on some BIG news on Safire's new Album..and some news on Her & Cynthia. She wants to give her fans something HOT.. And by what she was telling me.. IT WILL BE BIG TIME! I will have more news after...
  3. S

    Safire News

    I was at the ROXY CLUB on saturday night and they played SAFIRE's house remake of her classic hit "don't break my heart" . it was slammin, her vocals were off da hook. Rumor had it that she was in the club that evening. i also heard that the maxi single should be in stores in about 2 weeks...
  4. J

    NEW Freestyle Video News- Please Vote & Post opinions!

    Ok , Here is the second test of CF Video News.. I sorta messed up a lil.. but's a test remember :-) In this clip yuo will also see Kenny Quedo. He happened to be in the place..and we got him on the cam. Ahh Can't forget Diane! Anyway.. Please vote and let me know what you think...
  5. F

    Freestyle news part 5

    Hi everyone, Here is a list of some new Freestyle productions from Germany which are recently out in Germany. The list: *MC.G. Gabriel: "Fantasy / "MC. G. Gabriel megamix" (CD single) MIAMI BASS RECORDS *Freestyle Club vol.2 presents "The Magic Freestyle Megamix" (CD medley - 2 CD's) A45...
  6. I

    **NEWS** NEW CYNTHIA & JOHNNY O CD'S 4/17/01

    FROM ICE MAGAZINE (cd release date magazine) CYNTHIA - GREATEST HITS JOHNNY O - GREATEST HITS 4/17/01 THUMP RECORDS. I called a girl I know at Thump and she said the track listing is being finalized and will include original versions + some newly recorded stuff. very cool. Brian