1. S

    Tease 2 Please or Midnight Madness

    Does anybody remember the one hit wonder's tease 2 please or Midnight Madness who did "Scream baby, scream baby acream ahhhhh..." :)
  2. Crystal2001

    ~Midnight Love~

    Midnight Love, Come to me, In your arms, Is where I'll be. When the stars, Get so bright, Come to me, At midnight. Midnight love, Your so sweet, Under the stars, Is where we'll meet. When our hearts, Beat as one, Come to me, Lets have some fun. Midnight love, I want you so, Hold me tight, Don't...
  3. D

    What ever happened to Midnight Fantasy

    She sang that basement sounding track "come back to me" Don't get me wrong I liked the demo fresh out of the "Boom Mike in the Shower" jammies. Alot of great cuts sounded like that (like crimes of passion) Bt whatever happened to Midnight Fantasy?:spin