1. M

    Johnny O in Miami at Oxygen

    Just found out Johnny O will be performing at Oxygen Lounge in the Grove on Saturday, March 5. They play 80's, retro, and freestyle at Oxygen normally on Saturdays from 10pm to 1am. Then they switch to Hip Hop. It will be nice to see Johhny perform. He does outstanding performances!!
  2. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Johnny Carson~*~

    Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show has died. Don't have details yet. Just heard it on T.V.
  3. E

    Opinions. Should I sell my Johnny O Cassettes?

    Johnny O Johnny O - Like A Stranger Johnny O - Runaway Love Single How much should I sell them? I love Johnny O too...should I keep them in my Freestyle collection? -ant
  4. ¤

    Johnny O.

    I have heard 3 different versions of Johnny O's "I Wanna Make Love". 2 of them have piano intros (two different piano versions) and one doesn't. I currently have the non-piano intro version, but I would love one or both of the other two...If any one has it and is willing to email it to me let...
  5. psypher22

    WHere can I Get Johnny O's "I Love You"?

    anybody know a compilation CD that this song might be on? Freestyle is hard enough as it is to find on P2P networks, but this one is pretty much...impossible. I was thinkin of goin on ebay an checkin to see what i can find. but i dont know where to start. thanks guys.
  6. G


    I Wanted To Know If Anyone Knows How I Could Get The New Johnny O Full Cd Called Sound Of My Heart. N Tru Voices Full Cd?
  7. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Birthday Johnny O~*~

    :aparty May you have a wonderful birthday Johnny! Happy Birthday! :hbday
  8. E

    Johnny Cruz Live in the mix

    Tune in now at to DJ Johnny Cruz in the mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. E

    DJ Johnny Cruz Live tonight at 10pm 7/12/04

    freestyle mix show with dj johnny cruz starting at 10pm
  10. E

    Tune in this morning at 10am DJ Johnny Cruz

    This morning at 10am on with DJ Johnny Cruz Playing Club, House, Tribal and Trance so tune in while you work..........
  11. myonlysweetie

    Little Johnny

    A teacher in a one-room school house arrives one morning to find a nice red apple on her desk with a tag tied to it saying T.O.T. Knowing that she had some not-so-nice pranksters in her class, she cautiously asked "Can someone explain what T.O.T. means?" Little Mary in the front row raised her...
  12. FreestyleKidd

    My wants: Johnny O, Safire, Tony Moran, Expose, Coro

    I would like to buy these on CD: "Runaway Love" by Johnny O (Original version, not remixed) "On The Edge" by Tony Moran (Remix w/Safire) "Can You Stand The Rain" Safire w/Cynthia (Promo radio station remix) "Point of No Return" by Expose (original 1985 version w/Ale) "Coro" by Coro...
  13. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Little Johnny Infatuated~*~

    The pretty teacher was concerned with one of her eleven-year-old students. Taking him aside after class one day, she asked, "Little Johnny, why has your school work been so poor lately?" "I'm in love," the boy replied. Holding back an urge to smile, she asked, "With whom?" "With you," he said...
  14. D

    Any Videos from Johnny O or Cynthia?

    Just wondering if they ever released any videos for their songs? How about Judy Torres?
  15. MyriamCruz1977

    Looking for Johnny O

    Does Johnny O have a website (church website particularly)? If anyone knows, please send me a private message. Thanx Myriam D. Cruz
  16. L

    Johnny O - So In Love

    I came across this video footage from tounassi's site, Apollo, thought you might want to see it....its in Real Player format. By looking at this video, you really can tell Johnny is a perfomer, enjoy
  17. T

    lil Johnny's pissed off letter to santa!!!

    Dear Santa, You must be surprised that I'm writing to you today, the 26th of December. Well, I would very much like to clear up certain things that have occurred since the beginning of the month, when, filled with illusion, I wrote you my letter. I asked for a bicycle, an electric train set...
  18. J

    Merry Christmas From Johnny O

    One Christmas Rev. johnny O It was a cold and brisk night before Christmas day. Not a creature was moving, not even a mouse. The night wind whistled through the trees as a song of joy for little 7 years old Dorothy, who was capture by the excitement of the night. Her anticipation of...
  19. A

    Johnny O. - "Don't Go Away" Club Mixes

    I used to have Johnny O.'s I Just Wanna Get To Know You on cassette. The B side had two club mixes of Don't Go Away and I remember liking one more than the other. Can anyone tell me the name of these two mixes and a little about the similarities/differences? Thanks.
  20. E

    Tune into DJ Johnny Cruz Live Now

    Was up peeps tune in to DJ Johnny Cruz on Megamixcruz Click on the speaker and listen to hot mixes hit him up on AOL screename DJohnnyCruz for shout outs