1. P

    Freekiton cd info ?

    :angered Has any1 found that freekiton CD that K7 was talkin about awhile back I have been all over Philly askin everyone and thier muther if they have heard of it and They look at me like its what mixed with what Going crazy lookin for this thing. Just took a break from makin this months cd mix...
  2. M

    dj learning info

    just wanted to know how do you fade the music from the voice with records or cd's when you trying to do a mix? You know, like just having a voice and mixing in a totally different beat to it!!
  3. Sexyangel329

    May 30th LQ Show Tix Info

    This just in lol I just spoke to Angel Tix will be going on sell this week you can purchase them directly threw Angel & Alex themselves I will post up there contact info just as soon as I get it. You can get the Tix threw me I live in Brooklyn, work in the city and I head out to Long Island...
  4. Edalgiere

    Fonda Rae any info

    Fonda Rae - Touch Me does any one know if she has other tracks
  5. Tony G.

    Nu Image Album Info

    To all who have inquired about the pre ordering purchase for the Nu Image album, as we have replied in email inquiries, we will not be taken any pre orders. We will start taking orders for the Nu Image album once the actual product has been shipped from the pressing plant to Aria Records. The...
  6. FreestyleGod

    My book info!

    Dear Cf friends: Hello my friends!! Well for those interested in buying my childrens book here is the link to the web address for my book "Stan the Spider" . I hope you enjoy the book! Have a happy holidays everyone and an awesome New Years...
  7. NuJerz2001

    Any possible info!!

    Aight I need as much info on a song that I came across, it's considered an EXCLUSIVE!!! So I guess it's either so new that nobody ever heard of it or it's old but was never released (oh do I love those great "unreleased" tracks). Anyway, the song is by Chase, yea the same Chase who was on STRONG...
  8. S

    CF Christmas Party Info

  9. Michael "Kidd" Gomez

    MKG needs info on the COPA PARTY

    I'm just hearing about it today 11/25.. Is it a Freestyle get together?? Any artist performing?? Who is the promoter of this event? I may show up :dancepuff MKG
  10. Edalgiere

    any info on Dominica

    came across this track and kind of like it Dominica - Gotta let you go
  11. ramborb

    Fort Lauderdale Freestyle Concert Info

    December 5th, 2003 8pm. Fort Lauderdale War Auditorium. $32 reserved seating, $22 general. Name of Venue: Miami Freestyle Reunion featuring Gioya, Erotic Exotic, Secret Society, Connie, Sandee, etc. I already got my ticket! Hope to see everyone else there. Who's going? :listen
  12. D

    ::3 Halloween Parties in NYC + Sat night info::

    ::3 Halloween Parties in NYC + Sat night info:: For table reservations, guestlist info, DJ info, group events, limo service, directions or advanced tickets: 917.687.2511 or email Here's the complete info and pics: ::EUGENEs Fri: 3rd Annual Halloween Bash. Performance by...
  13. J

    *** Important Cf Member Info ***

    WAZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAa - WELCOME BACK CF'ER!! THE SITE HAS BEEN MOVED TO OUR NEW SERVER!! You might see some Dead Links or Dead Images until I can track down all these buggers... Please report any bugs, dead images and dead pages to me in this thread so it can be fixed...
  14. P

    Dana Rayne info object of my desire

    Finally object of desire remake is out on the new louie devito comp just came out today awesome cd and song is a different version on cd much better really hott!!!!!!!!!!!! and about 6 minutes long
  15. P

    Dana Rayne info object of my desire

    Finally object of desire remake is out on the new louie devito comp just came out today awesome cd and song is a different version on cd much better really hott!!!!!!!!!!!! and about 6 minutes long
  16. P

    Object Of My Desire Info!!!!!!!!!!

    Ktu announced the artist for the remake of object of my desire who is Dana Rane not rittaco i thought that was last name i guess not. If anyone gets it on cd please let me know where 2 buy it thank u
  17. P

    need info !!!

    first of all.. :wave hi everyone !!! Well, I just recently went to a party and was introduced to a lead singer of a local band. he asked me to sing with him and he loved the way my voice complemted his. I went to band practice and he had a mic for me. we sang and i was disappointed. Here is...
  18. S

    Anyone got any info on new music from SAFIRE??

    Anyone got any news on when she's coming out with her new stuff???
  19. S

    Info About Fat

    "Healthy Fats" To get to the bones of the problem even though there are many types of fats, they can be divided into only three main classes: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Some saturated fats are said to cause high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. What happens is that...
  20. RainaMichon

    Lisa Lisa Chat & Info On Yahoo

    Anyone who's interested go to: and join up. Let me know if this link doesn't work. Peace