1. Tony G.

    New Freestyle Track From Nu Image 2005

    Just wanted to share a clip of a NEW FREESTYLE TRACK by Nu Image. Which will be released on the Banging Beats "Then & Now" vol 2 Coming summer 2005 on Micmac Records. Nu Image "WHO'S GONNA GIVE YOU LOVE"
  2. Tony G.

    Nu Image Music For sale in Argentina

    I saw this on the net and couldn't believe that they had a copy of the Nu Image release "Sounds Of Love " for sale in Argentina. $ 53.85 It's great now we will have the Nu Image double cd album and the 12 inch single of "I'll Always Love You" there as well. Artist Nu Image Title...
  3. Tony G.

    VicZap Music aka VZ of Nu Image

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a link where you can listen to a couple of the samples of music being produced by Vic of VicZap Music aka V Z of Nu Image. More music will be added right now we only have 3 sample clips up. 1. Nyasia--- " Don't Wake Me" 2. Nu Image ---"Never Thought" 3...
  4. Tony G.

    Nu Image Says Inspire A song

    I been sitting here thinking about this NEW Nu Image album. Thinking about ways to make it different. How can we make a difference to someone out there who has that story to tell but not a way to tell it. I love the challange of taking someones reality and making it into a song. So I thought...
  5. PuertoRican2Pac

    Vocal Image - Do You Believe In Me

    Where can I find that song, it was thier first single, and I think Ashley was on the Background vocals.
  6. Tony G.

    Nu Image,Naya and Paradise Pic's

    Here are soem pic's of Nu Image and Naya in the studio
  7. Tony G.

    More New Music From Nu Image HERE!

    Hi to everyone , been off the boards for a minute and with good reason. Just got back from my trip to Jersey and spent some great productive time time in the studio. Below is a link to listen to 2 brand NEW tracks which will appear on the next Nu Image album. All feedback is welcomed. The...
  8. Tony G.

    Nu Image answer to Lumidee Clip "Listen"

    Here is a a lil something we are also working on for the New Nu Image Album. It's the answer to Lumidee's "Never Leave"Keep in mind it's not complete yet but just a lil something for the ear. PUT UP THE BASS AND PLAY IT LOUD ! Nu Image: URBAN DANCE / FREESTYLE REPRESENT.
  9. Tony G.

    Nu Image "More New Music" Listen Here

    Hereare 3more samplers from the New Nu Image Album. 1. "The Way You Want It" Nu Image Urban Pop Flava Produced By: Pompeo Messano 2. "Move On" Nu Image Freestyle Flava Produced: By Vic aka VZ
  10. Tony G.

    Nu Image New Music 2005 !

    Here is a sample off the new Nu Image album. "What Ya Wanna Do" Play It Loud and FEELl IT THE RIGHT WAY! This track was written By: Lyrics Tony G. Music Produced By Vic aka VZ Additional Urban Edit Mix By DJ Paradise We are looking to have the single out by March 2005 with the Nu Image album...
  11. Tony G.

    Nu Image Flashback "Sounds Of Love"

    A 1995 Flashback Nu Image : "Sounds Of Love"
  12. E

    Forbidden Love - Nu Image

    I don't think I could ever recall a freestyle song that has made my jaw drop. Everything from the beat to the bone chillin lyrics has left one big NU IMAGE seal of approval on my soul! I don't know which Nu Image member is the main singer in this song...but what an incredible voice! Passionate...
  13. Colombian Harry

    Harry's Nu Image pics

    Here's my harem. LOL Ok, that's a lie, but they do look good. In pic #1 you have NAT, Heavenly, and Amy(NAT's cousin). In pic #2 yours truly is with NAT and Amy.
  14. Tony G.

    Nu Image CD Single 2005

    Myself, Vic and Tyree have talked to Cesar about the idea of releasing A Track off the forthcoming Nu Image Album which is entitled What Ya Wanna Do" with a few edit mixes and another Urban Dance Track from the New Nu Image Album. We would like to know if we did decide to do this would the...
  15. Tony G.

    Nu Image Pic's In Tampa @ Private Event Jan 21, 2005

    Nu Image @ a Private Event In Tampa Jan 21, 2005
  16. Tony G.

    Nu Image In Tampa @ Fuel

    Here a few pictures from last nights show at Fuel. A Big shout out to Heavenly , Harry and the crew for chillin with us last night. Thanks for being so supportive.
  17. Tony G.

    Dave The One Matrix Edit Of Nu Image "It's Not Right"

    Click on the following link to listen to an Dave The One Matrix Edit of Nu Image "It's Not Right" Let us know what you think. Most of all let Party93.1 In Miami know. Toll Free 1-888-931-0931 you can call from all over the country is a free call If NUimage's "Is Not RIght" will be on party...
  18. Tony G.

    Request Nu Image In South Florida 93.1

    The Follwing was posted by another Nu Image fan on another message board and we could really use this push. All the request info is there lets make it happen 2005. I'ved made request to Party 93.1 for NUImage's "Its not right" I hope the people that are in South FLa that Support Nuimage...
  19. Tony G.

    Nu Image Urban Dance Album Coming 2005

    Nu Image The Album 2005 Urban Dance Unleased! Nu Image meets GTA
  20. Tony G.

    Nu Image and Urban Dance Invade Tampa Florida

    Urban Dance Recording Artists Nu Image Hit Tampa Florida Jan 22 2005. Setting Off 2005 And Urban Dance In Florida. Nu Image In Concert @ Club Fuel In Ybor City Tampa Florida.