1. G

    What happened to NOEL?

    Does he do any concerts? where is he from etc?
  2. frankie

    What happened to the Puerto Rican Parade/Clb Freestyle T-shirts???

    I baught a couple of the T-shirts from CF, a couple of years ago and I have not seen it, do we still sell them in CF merchandise?
  3. latinfreestyle21

    What Happened To Leticia!!!

    HEY PEOPLES QUE PASO.................. Hey does anyone know what happened to Leticia "Dream Love" "Why did you treat me so Badly... Does anyone know if she made a Full length album or anything... Her music is Really good... Really good do you know what record company she was signed with let me know
  4. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~What Happened To......~*~

    Lunch today?????? Are you not eating? :D I'm having a tunafish sandwich and a diet coke. :)
  5. A

    What Happened To Stephanie Marano?

    There Has Been Alot Of Talk About Adam On Here Lately So Whats Up With His Sister Stephanie? I Love The Song "symphony Of Love" I Think She Has An Amazing Voice, And Was Just Curious If Anyone Knows If She Is Still In The Business?
  6. lil_reeses

    What happened to the "love"

    Reading many posts about you guys saying how Freestyle went down back in the day, with it pumping from ppl's cars n at the clubs in all of that...well im thinking...what happened to all of those people? I KNOW they just didnt dissapear. I mean a lot of the people from that era tell me that...
  7. M

    What happened to Shana?

    Of "I Want You" fame ????
  8. D

    Coro, What happened???

    About a 1 1/2 years ago, Coro had a new song, which was to be followed by a new cd, what happened?
  9. L

    What ever happened to Saint - "I need"?

    Does anyone have a clue whatever happened to this puerto rican guy, last time I remember he performing was like back in 2003 and he dropped off the face of the earth. This guy and his dancers were really talented. I got some of his songs like "I Need", "Someone" & "Confused" but I remember he...
  10. NVDisMa729

    Has This Happened To You??

    I'm not sure how old I was but I was a little girl and I was dreaming that my father woke me up and he was in his work clothes bout to go to work and he asked me if I wanted to go see the movie Benji The Hunted so I said yea and he said ''i'll be home about 6. be ready.'' The next thing i know I...
  11. LaBettyBoop

    *~*~Ummm....What Happened.....~*~*

    to the show at Eugene's where some CF members won tickets? Wasn't the show last night? Any feedback? Who went? Did you have fun? How was Cynthia and George Lamond's birthday? :) Come on peeps, share with us.............Any pics? :D
  12. NVDisMa729

    What Really Happened...

    I wasnt gonna say anything cuz i figured just leave it alone y keep the issue goin but i read what some of ya said and i decided F it..ima tell ya the real deal. no one from here ran back and told that person what somebody said in the thread. we [me, my boyfriend & the person who was mentioned...
  13. latinfreestyle21

    What ever happened to D'zyre???

    Hey peeps whats up Does anyone know what happened to d'zyre i cant even find there cd's Anybody know let me know thanks javier
  14. latinfreestyle21

    What happened to Dj Aztek

    Hey does anyone know what happened to Dj aztek his music is hard to find or i mean mixes
  15. latinfreestyle21

    What happened to April!!!!

    Anyone know what happened to april She sings "your the one for me" I think she is a very good singer I cant even find her cds Latinfreestyle21
  16. NVDisMa729

    the cutest thing happened today

    i was at busch gardens in tampa and we was looking at the tigers. i went to take a picture of them and there was 3 in my view but i was looking at the orange one waiting for him to turn his face my way when my mom said ''hurry up hes smiling take the picture!'' i was like ''huh?'' i lowered the...
  17. latinfreestyle21

    What happened To April???????

    Hey whats up freestyler's What ever Happened to April? "Your the one for me I really want her cd but they said they discontinued it Latinfreestyle21@aol.com Javi
  18. frankie

    What Happened to PEOPLES CHOICE TOP 10 for NOV???

    Just what happened, I have been gone for awhile, please let me know thanks
  19. Vinss-T

    what happened to ROCKELL

    last i really heard from rockell was her 2000 (or was it 2001) release of "what you did to me". now where's she at, anyone know? i miss her music
  20. Company B

    What happened to Eden's Crush??

    I actually really like this group (I always support all female groups), But what happenned to this group?? The girls can sing, they look SLAMMIN' as hell, & they can move. They even remade Sheila E.'s "Glamourous Life". So what happened? I Know one girl (Rosanna Tavares), is now "Rosie", the...