1. X Was Atlantis And George Lamond?

    Missed it last night how was the george show..tell me all about it...............:cool:
  2. C

    TKA, michael Stuart and George Lamond

    is it true that they are going to be in Club Rhemy this friday??? I saw it in a anyone confirm this? cuz I'll be in NY this weekend! :confused:
  3. B

    George lamond & Brenda k starr live!!

    this sunday at the queens gay pride it's GEORGE LAMOND, BRENDA K STARR and some more.....they will be preforming on the krash stage. call the club for more info 718-937-2400 peace M A R L O N
  4. H

    George Lamond In Chicago...The Update!!!

    Greetings, everyone! I just got off of the phone with Gary Sipich, who for the past few years has been part of the George Lamond management team. I followed that call up with a conversation with Chicago artist Dino Latino, who is also dealing with George, and here's the latest: GEORGE IS...
  5. G

    George Lamond, "Hits And More"

    What do you guys think about George Lamond's cd, "Hits And More" ? He has been my favorite singer since I got into freestyle back in 1987. Whatever this guy puts out, is true quality...kind of like Willie Valentin. I have been listening to George's cd for the past week now. Let me know what...
  6. F

    george lamond

    i live in miami beach and i was having coffee and guess who walks by? it was george lamond. he was getting interviewed by the spanish channel since hes putting out a new salsa cd. he and his management were extremely friendly and sat down to talk with me for quite some time. it's nice that he...
  7. M

    I missed George Lamond in concert!!!

    Geoge Lamond was in Montreal last saturday and I missed it because I was working. I heard about it on the news and they called him a latin super star. Anyways, this Friday Lil'Suzy is performing and I hopefully wont miss it. Peace.
  8. Latin Nation

    To the George Lamond Fans

    GL will be this Saturday on your TV set. Sat. March 17th starting at 7pm on Univision. Is the Latin Station, the show is called <a href=""> "Sabado Gigante"</a>. So check it out...Later peeps. God Bless, BTW the way he will be doing "Jurare, Quererte". Sincerely
  9. O

    George Lamond releasing a merengue cd in 2002

  10. O

    TKA or George Lamond?

    Ok, i didnt want to bring this up. i was always waiting for somebody to bring this topic up but it never came up, but anyhow, who would you guys pick as your favorite freestyler.....George Lamond or TKA and why?
  11. F

    George Lamond

    I was just wondering where George Lamond lives?
  12. Elear


  13. FreestyleJen_86

    Who would U go for: George LaMond or Johnny O

    Post your opinion!!!!!!!!!
  14. F

    'Sup With George Anthony?

    Has anyone heard anything? He had a couple of great songs back in the days. One of my favorites being a duet with none-other than Nyasia. That song is called "Take Me Away." They sound awesome together! I'm listening to it right now: "Take meeee away Just take me away Take me, far away...
  15. F

    Favorite George Lamond???????

    Mine has got to be Look into my eyes or Where does that leave love. George Lamond is the man!!!! Alex "Diggler" Garcia
  16. O

    George Lamond new english freestyle album?

    i know gl's working on a new spanish album due out on jan 23,01. but i what i want to know is, is he throwing in his towel for the freestyle department to focus strictly on his spanish or is he doing what marc anthony did when he released an english that didnt do to good back in "91" but then...