1. damianwild

    Free Freestyle Concert Tomorrow Night To Benefit Katrina Victims!!

    In today's NY Daily News "Radio Dial" column there is an item - WNEW radio (102.7 FM) is holding a FREE Katrina relief concert tomorrow (Friday September 23rd) starting 7PM at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in Eisenhower Park, which is in East Meadow, L.I. Artists performing include : ALISHA...
  2. K

    FREE freestyle CD Give-Away

    RHYTHM RADIO ( would like to give away 3 copies of the "Freestyle 4x4" CD, featuring 4 great freestyle recording artists, each singing 4 newly recorded versions of freestyle hits! The CD includes recordings by Stevie B., Collage, Denine, and Aby (formerly of TKA). These CD's...
  3. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    This is a call to ALL ClubFreestyle members and visitors... I have decided to offer a full download of my new single "Let It Go" (featuring Corina) for a limited time. I realize that just giving a little low-quality snippet on my site doesn't give much to judge. Anyway... the song is not...
  4. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Free Gasoline~*~

    If anybody listens to Mix 102.7, then you must've heard about the free gas that they were giving away today between 6am-9am at one location in Long Island and another in New Jersey. :dancingb I got my free gas today and was there at 5:30am. :yeey Yes I did! And I was the first car there. I...
  5. P

    Free Freestyle Song

    I not sure where to post this reallly but I guess here would be cool this is a Song I made on my computer , It does not have any words ( I CANT SING) but Its still freestyle. Any feedback would be welcome :cdevil BROOKLYN :dgrin
  6. S

    FREE DL - Sam Romano ft. Alison -Don't Say Goodbye

    Waaaaaz up CF crew here is another new track ft. Alison for all u hardcore peop's out thier .enjoy ! Sam Romano
  7. djantonio72

    Clubland Continuous Mix FREE!!!

    Here's a quick mix I put together from my collection for my fellow members here.This a continuous Clubland mix and all 12" versions. Enjoy!!!!!!! Tracks: 1. Torture ( in the name of love) 2. Come Rain, Come Shine 3. Hold On (tighter to love) 4. Hypnotized 5. Set Me Free 6. Let's Get Busy...
  8. S

    FREE DOWNLOAD -Sam Romano ft. Alison - Don't Say Goodbye

    Ehhhhhh CF crew here's another hot track for you, and it features an up and coming local artist here in toronto enjoy .. ! Sam Romano
  9. S

    free download Sam Romano ft. Alison- "stay this time"
  10. victorvega

    FREE DOWNLOAD FROM THIS POST limited time only new maxisingle

    In celebration of the success in my career for the past six years I am releasing the single Who Would’ve Ever Thought for a limited time only as a gift and to thank those of you who have supported me on the sites. These tracks will be available for a very limited time and will be removed without...
  11. cratebug

    ::: Who wants another free Old School mix?? :::

    Hello all, I am giving away another new Old School mix entitled, "The East Coast Inspired Mix" that you can download for FREE. It is a mix I created not long ago and it is filled with music that came out of NewYork & Miami when I was a shorty back in the 80's. The track list is as follows...
  12. cratebug

    ::: Cratebug's NYC/East Coast Inspired Mix ::: Free 80 min. download!!

    Hello all, Here is a free Old School mix. A gift to all CF mbrs from dj cratebug (Chgo). It should bring back alot of memories for my East Coast brothers & sisters. The track list is as follows: *The East Coast Inspired Mix* mr. magic's wand--whodini the mexican--"jellybean" benitez...
  13. cratebug

    HERE IT IS! A special live mix for all Clubfreestyle Mbrs. DOWNLOAD IT FREE!

    Here is the live mix I promised CF members on a previous thread where I mentioned that suggestions on what to play would be welcome. Well I made it @ 8pm Sunday night and I did get a bunch of suggestions....and I have to admit that some of you dug way back....Thanks to everyone who emailed me...
  14. cratebug

    ((FREE 'Old School' Hi-Energy mix)) The ladies are gonna love this one!

    Cbug's Hi-Energy Memorial MiX (click here) - This one should bring back tall memories for some of you. This is my most popular cd and it was the most difficult to mix on my tables....that's because most of the songs have beats that change tempo on you when you least expect it. Anyway, hope you...
  15. R

    Free style Baseball

    if anyone wanst to start a freestyle baseball league for 06. tell me wed need 30 people at least. hard ball. chicks are ok. they just get pitched under hand. and they play second base. there was 2 girls playing in my amuture baseball league belive it or not. so women could play. hard...
  16. cratebug

    Exclusive FREE mix for CF members to be made this weekend (Suggestions welcome)

    First off, I want to express my gratitude to all the CF members that downloaded my mixes in a previous thread. Alot of you PM'd me asking if I could throw in some of your favorite classics the next time I make a cd....well, as it turns out, I will have a little time this weekend...not alot of...
  17. cratebug

    CORRECTION: FREE Mix downloads still available! Links have been corrected - Enjoy!

    Hello all fellow CF Mbrs., It was brought to my attention that the mix links I initially provided were bad and that a couple of them were redirecting people to my site's homepage. This was not my intention and I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.They have since been corrected and...
  18. James Anthony

    Coming Up In August In The Ktu Freestyle Free For All...

    Ok guys, Judy and I had a GREAT meeting yesterday regarding what's going to be done in the upcoming weeks as part of the changes we're making to the KTU Freestyle Free For All. I wanted to share all of this information with you so you guys can get an idea of what's going on behind the...
  19. cratebug

    And the FREE mixes don's stop....(Dowload them while you can!)

    Hello all!! My name is david m. (aka dj cratebug) from Chicago. I am new to CF and I thought I'd introduce myself in the best way I know how. So here are links to 3 of my most requested mixes on Ebay...yours 4 FREE! Download them now as I don't know how long I will have them up....I don't have...
  20. cratebug

    And the FREE classic mixes don't stop....(download them while you can!)

    Here's 2 of my more popular mixes on Ebay...yours free! Download them now as I don't know how long I will have them up....I don't have a lot of room on my site's domain, so sometime soon I will have to remove them to make room for other full-length mixes. Hope you all enjoy them (and if you do...