1. B

    Hey everbody heres an early morning Happy Hump Day

    Happy Hump Day CF *muah*
  2. ChuckD

    For our Canadian members....Happy Canada Day!

    Canada Day- Background On June 20, 1868, a proclamation signed by the Governor General, Lord Monck, called upon all Her Majesty's loving subjects throughout Canada to join in the celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation...
  3. SONYA

    Happy Canada Day

    Just wanted to wish all my fellow canucks a Happy Canada Day...we got a long weekend out of it this year :yeey
  4. myonlysweetie

    Jayson's Graduation Day!

    These were taking outside our house!
  5. Sexyangel329

    First Day

    Of Summer is officialy today so how is the weather in your part of town I have yet to go outsie but this morning it was very nice I likes :)
  6. Edalgiere

    sunday G spot fathers day Chat

    join chuckd and his sidekick Ed McMahon tonight @ 8 pm Heres chucky KTU streams no so we can listen to the freestyle free for all followed by ktu's own james anthony as he mixes up a storm ktu link heres the link to the chat room ====>chatroom link so lets have a party tonight
  7. La Mas Grande

    Happy Father's Day's

    Just taken a moment to wish a Happy Father Day's:king to all of those special daddy, step daddy, foster daddy and single mom who have all step up to the plate and are doing for theirs. Hope it's a blessed and beautiful day for you. :sflower La Mas Grande:cparty ;)
  8. LaIndia320

    Happy Father's Day!!!!

    I would like to say Happy Father's Day to all The CF Daddy's and Single Mommy's holding it down for Their Children. Our Children are our Future. :cheers to All The Fathers and Mother's Out there.
  9. Sexyangel329

    Papis Day

    So Daddys Day is this weekend what are you guys doing? What are you getting the Papis in yuor lives :shakinboo
  10. ChuckD

    Happy Tuesday/Flag Day!

    Holla cfers! Happy Tuesday for all of you! Don't forget to display the American Flag today! :) *Side note, happy birthday to my bud, Bill!*
  11. taezee

    represent manyana happy PR DAY!!!!

    much love to all my peeps!!!! represent not just this weekend but all day everyday!!!! WEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! feel free to post up in this thread....with pics you take representing PR day with bandera without whatever!!! TAE :texican
  12. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Boricua/Puerto Rican Day~*~

    Happy Boricua/Puerto Rican Day to everybody out there celebrating this PR weekend. We have the festival today and the parade tomorrow and if you're going, please conduct yourselves in a civilized manner as our parents have taught us. :D We all know PR parents don't play. Those great "chancleta"...
  13. M

    Naked Zorro is here to save the day!

    Dateline, Doylestown, Pa: The Phillies and Sixers needs this guys luck. A man who runs around naked wearing a mask and sneakers, has become big news in the town
  14. Company B

    Take It While It's Hot! (Memorial Day Weekend)

    So, what did everyone do memorial day weekend?? I know some of you were at the concerts, some at cookouts, so how was it?? & What were your theme songs?? This weekend I had my homeboy & my cousin visit me, & it was so suffocating hot, we tanned out by da pool/went swimming, went out to eat...
  15. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~One Day Only~*~

    Damn I'm off to Florida Friday morning and returning Saturday morning. :( What a teaser! I have to take care of something Friday afternoon. I wish I could've stayed longer but everytime I checked the dates I wanted to come back, it wasn't available. So I have to come back the next morning...
  16. R

    My memorial day thoughts...

    Today is a day to reflect upon those who in the past gave us the ability to do, say, and go about our very ways in today’s America. Those brave men and women who fought and still fight today for those very same values many of us take for granted. Without them, your political agendas, views...
  17. M

    Happy Memorial Day

    Hope everybody enjoy Memorial Day. I'll have my grill on, cook my sausage sandwiches. And listen to all the rolling thunder to remeber that this is a day to remember all the soliders!! :angel
  18. cArLiToS WaY

    **ThE PuErTo RiCaN DaY PaRaDe/BlOcK PaRtY**

    Does anyone have any additional info. as to what's going down at the block party in Spanish Harlem that Saturday before the parade as far as live performances, guest appearances, etc.? Also, does anyone know who's going to be at the parade? I can't even remember the last time I attended all...
  19. nessa's302

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Most of you are going to the Copa show but those of you who aren't what will be your plans? As for me, I'm going to be in South Beach w/ my honey. Unfortunately b/c of the place I work in I have to attend this damn Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson concert thingy on Sat night and chill w/ all the old...
  20. taezee

    garbage day lmao!!