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    about cynthia /dreamboy-dreamgirl--make over

    if cynthia does decide remake dreamboy;dreamgirl i think she should do it with FRANKIE BOY instead of GEORGE LAMOND. i mean i like GEORGE LAMOND but FRANKIE BOY got that voice that would make it sound together. but that's just my opinion. later
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    Re: Cynthia

    Hi! Thanks to everyone who answered my Cynthia ?. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who still liked her. I didn't know she got married, I'm happy for her...her guy better be cute 'cause she's really pretty. How old is she anyways? so whenever anything new comes up with her...
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    what's up with Cynthia?

    does anyone know whatever happened with Cynthia? The last song I heard of hers was 'I Never Said' and after that I haven't heard anything. She's a really good artist...I still jock her music...does anyone else?
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    I opened a show for Cynthia,,check pic here

    I'm not a freestyle artist.. I do spanish rap but I love freestyle music.. I opened a show for Cynthia in Texas. I do booty type music and featured on a cd to be released by summer 2001.. check out my club in yahoo and page. Pics of me and some freestyle artists are at my club under the photo...
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    i heard a rumor or fact that cynthia is re-recording "dreamboy/dreamgirl" with either george lamond or coro, for her new upcoming album. i cant wait to hear that!