1. Tony G.

    New Freestyle From Diamond Boy Luis Coming 2005

  2. Tony G.

    Nu Image Urban Dance Album Coming 2005

    Nu Image The Album 2005 Urban Dance Unleased! Nu Image meets GTA
  3. Freestylepete

    State of Freestyle Address Coming Soon

    Whats up freestyle freaks? In a few weeks I will post the real deal of what the year was like for freestyle and by this I will be using the categories of (1) new music, (2) Radio Airplay (3) Media (tv, newspapers, magazines) (4) Concerts and Performances (5) Sales. I will give each catagory 2...
  4. H

    Coming Soon To The Cf Fam

    Coming Soon Will Be A Play That Me Sweetheart And Diamond Girl Have Been Working On To Post On Here For The Cf Fam To Just Give Yall Something To Read About... If I Am Aloud To Though.. So Look Out For It.. The Play Is Called "freestyle Paradise"
  5. Tony G.

    A "New Nu Image" Coming jan 2005!

    Coming 2005 NEW ALBUM, NEW MUSIC, A NEW NU IMAGE. stay tooned.....................
  6. tanktruck

    STAR WARS Coming To A DVD Player Near You!!

    In 2 days, the STAR WARS DVD BOX SET (Sept. 21, 2004), will be released. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I'm about to loose control and I think I like it. I've been waiting for this baby for awhile now!!
  7. B

    Coming Soon- DRC Project European Release

    We are happy to announce that DRC Project's debut release from last year on Odeon Records, "And I", has been licensed in Europe and will soon make its debut first in Germany. Original radio and extended freestyle mixes along with italo/trance remixes are now serviced to record pools. Stay...
  8. M

    Miami PArty 93.1 Freestyle coming back hard!

    Just wanted to let you know that Freestyle is now in heavy rotation at one of miami's top stations. Party 93.1. I can't belive it. It's like the 80's all over again. Keep calling them and encourage them to continue.
  9. M

    Latin Rascals- Lisa's Coming

    To all you fellow freestyle whiz'. Something I always wanted to know is if this song was in anyway influenced by Lisa Lisa's "I Wonder If I Take You Home". There are so many factors that lead me to believe so. 1. The drum beat starts off similar to "I Wonder If I Take You Home" 2. The girl...
  10. Edalgiere

    coming soon - radio version of the diamante show

    there is going to be a radio version of the diamante show coming soon to wbai 99.5 fm in ny it also streams on the net more info will come as soon as i get it
  11. L

    K7 - I Ain't Coming Back = New Single

    Check it out Everybody!!: Courtesy of Tybless & K7, has K7's newest track, "I Ain't Coming Back" playing on Radio!!! Just log on and wait a few and the song will begin blasting into your speakers. If not, just click onto the play button and enjoy. I will...
  12. lilshygyrl

    there's a freestyle concert coming to chicago!!!!

    :yeey i was turning channels in my car and i stopped on B96 cause i heard Safire, it was a commmerical Freestyle Flashback i think its called. with Safire, Noel, Seduction, Will to Power, and Coro. im gonna have to find some more info bout it
  13. R

    the invaders are coming...

    in the 80's, I had on tape a song with a freestyle beet, starting with : "Attention!, the invaders are coming this way; the only known weapon is to protect loud dance music; discotheques and.......are in danger, ....". And then , chorus : " Does it work? , does it work?...." please, does...
  14. Kenny Guido


    Yes, a very "twisted" reality show is coming to VH-1! Massapequa's own "TWISTED SISTER" will be doing a reality show for VH-1!!!! I wonder how twisted is home life is compared to OZZY's? WE SHALL SEE!!!
  15. D.J. Paradise

    File LIVE radio Show 5/15--Next Week Live @ Club Tru------New Retro Shows coming soon

    The FREESTYLE FILE Radio Mix Show is SATURDAY, May 15th, 2004 from 5:00 PM TO 10pm E.T. This show is mixed LIVE by D.J. PARADISE, HighTech, June, with TimDog & Benny BlanxXx. Join fans & Freestyle Artist from everywhere in the chatroom. TO GET TO THE RADIO SHOW, JUST GO WWW.FREESTYLEFILE.COM...
  16. DJ Soul

    Someone Is Coming Back And He's Bringing It!!!!

    :dj Be on the Look out ............. 2004 has been looking great lately with alot of great music from new artists and from our favorite established artists. So the time is right for me to produce some new tracks and throw my scrunchie in the new music bucket!!!!!!!!!!!! This artist has had...
  17. J

    What new freestyle jams are coming out this year?

    Wanna get up-to-date here...
  18. Tony G.

    Nu Image To The 3rd Power Coming Soon

    Stay tooned -Nu Image To The 3rd Power Is Coming .....................
  19. Tony G.

    Nu Image Is Coming To Chicago

    NU IMAGE COMING TO CHITOWN GIno "Rockin" Romo mixing, plus some of your other favorite D.J.'s. Another WCYC Throw down! Nu-Image...(Tears in My Eyes, Sounds of Love & many more). CD release party coming soon, check here for more details. Stay tooned to WCYC @...
  20. LaBettyBoop

    Hello...Im Coming Soon!

    Hello...this is Labettyboop's daughter LiLBetty and i just wanna say Happy Valentines Day :heartbeat to everyone and i hope you have more fun than me on a Saturday night cuz Ms.Betty and Mr.Betty (&more) wont let me out of the house! :realsad I will have my own name soon because i am a freestyle...