1. V

    Inside Nite Club

    im going to inside tonite for a friends bday...has neone ever been there? juss wondering what kind of music i should expect on a sat nite?:p
  2. TyBless

    K7 In PA@ Ice Night Club

    @The Radisson Hotel Valley Forge 1160 First Avenue King Of Prussia PA 19406 To all my Philly Massive! Be there! Holla...:D
  3. Tony G.

    Attention all Club / Radio Dj's

    Our labels promotions department will be be mailing out the Nu Image press kits with the 12 inch single, next week. Yes the vinyl will be going out next week If you are a club or radio dj and need the Nu Image press kit mailed to you , please forward your info to We...
  4. S

    Shakespeare's Goodbye To Club Freestyle

    -GOODYBE- leaving you is so hard to do after all that we have been through you kissed my lips and wiped all my tears you assured me that i had nothing to fear you listened to me and showed me your love you gave me the strength like the heavens above we've been through so much in so little of...
  5. D

    Free Cd for the Club Freestyle Crew

    It's come to my attention that it's gonna be the 1 year anniversary since i registered DaShock.Com! HOw i know this? Cause i got a friggen e-mail telling me i have to pay! So in my good nature and support to the locals, I will be giving away a free copy of Freestyle Heaven SIGNED by everyone...
  6. TyBless

    K7 @ Club Blis, instead of Rob Base?!?!

    I think so, but shhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone I told you. Just come and hold your thongs in the air...Fella's strip down to your wife beater's..Cause it's gettin hot in herre!
  7. A

    Sept. 1, 2002 Club Blis - Angel - Time to Party :)

    September 1, 2002 come party at Club Blis. Lets forget about the misunderstandings and get together on a positive note. Performing will be Rob Base, Tybless, and others. For the Freestyle artist that want to come on down and party or just represent call me or e-mail me. If you think about...
  8. N

    Nick Colon ,Rimeo & Ayna @ club I.V on the 29th

    Performing at club I.V on the 29th! D.O.S recording artist Nick Colon & Rimeo along with E.L.I recording artist Anya! Men 10$ 21 and over, ladies free all night, free buffet, raffled giveaways of CD's and DVD's drink specials from 7-11 pm doors open at 7 pm, come after work and hang out with...
  9. L

    Labor Day Weekend @ Club Blis

  10. N

    Nick Colon & Judy Torres @ Club Sambuca's this fri

    I will be along side the legendary Judy Torres this Friday at club Sambuca in westberry long island Doors open at 8pm Ladies 18 men 21 ID required dress code: casual But neat. Add 272 Post ave.westberry N.Y 11590 Phone number :1516 876 0393
  11. D

    Are there more bed room dj`z compared to mobile or club dj`z?

    Are there more bed room dj`z out there compared to club or moblie dj`z? :)
  12. F

    Old Club Ads

    I was cleaning out a drawer in my sister's old room and I found all these club ads from the years 1987, 1988, and 1989. Wow, did those bring back memories!!! TKA performed at the American Legion which is just a few blocks from my house!!! And The Bay Club which used to be in Sheepshead Bay...
  13. S

    Shakespeare Says Sorry To Club Freestyle

    Shakespeare wanted to say sorry for posting a poem with a word that might be considered questionable to some readers. He has posted about 25 song/poems on in the last week and all of which were in good taste (or at least he thinks) But in the poem "My Poem To You" he uses the...
  14. A

    Lot of 29 club & house records on ebay...

    My auction:
  15. F

    New To Club Freestyle

    Wassup mi gente!!! This is Freestyle Frankie. I am Puerto Rican from New York City the birthplace of Freestyle and know I am living in Orlando, FL. Let me know what's up with this site. Later
  16. FreestyleChulo

    Club Legacy

    where is it???
  17. A

    I have a 65 record lot, for sale on ebay: Club, House, Freestyle, rap, etc...

    Check it out:
  18. J

    New to the club

    Im from san jose ca Im interisted in metting new people here :hearton