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    check out F. Felix's new song!

    Check out "We're In Love" by F.Felix...this track was actually first recorded back in 1991, but was never before available to the public...F.Felix now decides to give his fans a Freestyle track straight from the vaults... Just click on the following link
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    Check out the new SAFIRE album cover!

    if you go onto AMAZON.COM and plug in SAFIRE, you'll get to see the new cover to SAFIRE's up and coming CD - it's really hot! you'll also see the track listing -
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    *new* freestyle gear coming - Check it!

    Wazzzzzzz upppppp! I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased the Official CF Freestyle gear (T-shirts). Soon we will re-vamp the online store and add: tank tops, baseball hats and boxer shorts ! OOHH YEAH, WHO DOSENT WANT FREESTYLE BOXER SHORTS !! hehe Stay posted for more info. Thanks...
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    Ashley intervie and Pics Check it out.. Check it out and I welcome any feedback
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    I opened a show for Cynthia,,check pic here

    I'm not a freestyle artist.. I do spanish rap but I love freestyle music.. I opened a show for Cynthia in Texas. I do booty type music and featured on a cd to be released by summer 2001.. check out my club in yahoo and page. Pics of me and some freestyle artists are at my club under the photo...