1. Nyasia

    Happy Birthday Mom I Love You!!!!

    Even though she won't read this unless we sit her down tonight and show it to her, I want to wish my QUEEN of QUEENS a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you mom!!!!! she is 54 today and she is beautiful! ;) :band
  2. E

    Happy Birthday cArLiToS WaY!

    Happy Birthday! :hbday :cparty :aparty -antonio
  3. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Zoe!

    Happy Birthday! All the best to you this year, ma! Best in life , love, and career :)
  4. michelle28

    Happy Birthday LaNenadeOro

    :hbday to you, LaNena! Have a wonderful day! :aparty
  5. myonlysweetie

    ~*~Happy Birthday Soave~*~

    :hbday Have a wonderful birthday Soave :hyes and may you have many more to come! Happy Birthday! :cparty
  6. LaIndia320

    Happy Birthday My Angel DELILAH!!!

    :hbday I would like to take this time and wish A very special person in my life a very big Happy Birthday!!! :hbday Delilah My Angel Mommy Loves You, Always Remember that Baby Girl. :bparty Happy 3rd Birthday My Love!!!!! Mu@@@@ Beba, Hugs and Kisses!!!! :cparty for Delilah!!!
  7. myonlysweetie

    ~*~Happy Birthday Delisious~*~

    **Her birthday is tomorrow... 12/23** I want take this opportunity to wish one of my very closest friends an early :hbday !!! Delisious - you're a great friend and you are an amazing person! Love ya ma! :cparty Always remember you got us girls whenever you need us! :cheers ***Save me some...
  8. E

    Happy Birthday Kennyfreestyle!

    :hbday -ant
  9. myonlysweetie

    ~*~Happy Birthday 8th-Sin~*~

    :hbday Happy birthday 8th-Sin! May you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. :cparty
  10. ricanlips4u

    Happy Birthday to my Love- REBER!!!!

    Happy Birthday papa!! I'll see you in SC this afternoon!!! Te amo!!!! :makeout :hbday
  11. crazygirl

    Happy Birthday Steve

    just wanted to say happy birthday to our own Steve B... i hope you have a great one... :hbday
  12. La Mas Grande

    Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Son

  13. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday LilMsBoop

    :hbday Happy birthday LilMsBoop. Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy many more birthdays. :cparty
  14. Krystal

    Happy Birthday Kary!!!!!

    :hbday Kary!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! :cparty
  15. sexyredrose

    Birthday MoM

    rembering the candle light cake the smile on your face the laugher ever after remebering you on your birthday the memories' will never pass now that your gone they seem to last the memories' will never die you are that rare carnation flower so rare and true you use to like be given to you...
  16. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday LaMasPreciosa17

    Hahahaha... you gettin old!!!! :lol :hbday :cparty Wishing you a very happy birthday .. hope you have extra special fun today!!! :cparty
  17. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday prshortie

    Hey :hbday girl!! I know you havent been online for awhile but want to wish you have great day! :cparty
  18. LaBettyBoop

    ~*~Happy Birthday Mannyriv~*~

    Happy birthday Manny! May you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. :hbday
  19. myonlysweetie

    Happy Birthday Aim4night...

    :hbday :cparty I hope you have a wonderful day and may your birthday wishes come true! :cparty
  20. H

    Happy Birthday, Tyree...

    :sunshine Celebrating the latest birth anniversary for Tybless... Celebrate safe and contact us soon... Thanks for your help throughout the years, Harv Roman