1. N

    Benefit Concerts / Artist Development

    I have a question for ANYONE that is interested in the growth of freestyle music and developing talent: How do you feel about performing for benefits and causes? In addition to being a singer, I am a middle school teacher in South Jersey. During the past 2 weeks, the schools have thrown...
  2. N

    Latin superstars rock box offices (how can freestyle benefit from this trend?)

    Latin superstars rock box offices By Scott Galupo THE WASHINGTON TIMES We realize money isn't everything, but many times it's a leading indicator of where the zeitgeist is heading. Take last week's Pollstar concert-tour rankings. Though it was front-loaded with familiar names such...
  3. P

    live freestyle acts from benefit concert

    Does anyone have a dvd of the breast cancer benefit from april 2003 at webstter hall I know lil suzy performed,jade starling,dee robert ,reina etc.. please let me know any info thank you :angel [COLOR=DarkRed]
  4. J

    2nd Annual CF Children's Benefit - TOY DRIVE!

    Call Out For the CF Childrens Benefit 2003 The Second Annual CF Childrens Benefit Hello ClubFreestyle Members and Personnel, It's that time of year again, a chance for us to give back to kids in need and to also have allot of fun with them! This year we will again be with Robert Lubell of...
  5. J

    Our Lady Of Grace Benefit Show - Big Thanks

    Wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I would like to give HUGEEEEEEE THANKS to 2 Freestyle Godesses. Thanks NYASIA & JUDY TORRES for coming out and doing the benefit. Thanks to SalB for helping to make it possible. Everyone had a BLAST and I hope you ladies did to. You sounded so HOT. You...
  6. L

    Fund Raiser Benefit Concert

    LawTown Music presents a Fund Raiser event! For the children who went through the Ice. Friday, Feb 7th, 2003 @The Galaxia 9 Appleton Street, Lawrence, MA Tickets are $25.00 Performing Live: JOHNNY O JORDAN KNIGHT (New Kids on the Block) JADE STARLING (Pretty Poison) GIOIA (Expose) For...
  7. J

    Christmas Benefit Show @ Lincoln Hospital

    OK HERE WE GO - D E T A I L S ------------------------------------ Event: Christmas Benefit Show Time: 4:30 Date: December 17th Festivities: Games & fun Clowns will be on hand Our great Freestyle artist Line up and more! Location: The Conference Room of - Lincoln Hospital 234 East 149th...
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    Hello Peeps! As you may know Victor Vega came up with a great idea to perform for needy kids. We have all contibuted to the idea, here are some details: I have some news about the Benefit Show. More news will be in Tomorrow. Dec 17 Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx Christmas Benefit Audience...
  9. Ivan Diller

    Flight 587 Benefit

    See info below: Hey All, Rosalind & I are organizing and event to benefit the victims of flight 587 that crashed on it's way to the Dominican Republic. This was originally supposed to be a holiday party by us and (John Leguizamo's site) celebrating this crazy year, however...