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    ATT: All Bad Boys & Bad Girls - READ!

    You have heard about it all over the radio, all over the Web. Now It's YOURS! BAD BOY / BAD GIRL Giveaway Contest where YOU decide what tracks make's Bad Boy Joe's - Best Of Freestyle MegaMix Vol. 3 CLUBFREESTYLE.COM -- This is your chance to choose the track listing for BAD BOY JOE's Best...
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    heard a bad *beep* song here in miami....

    I'm not a singer nor write =P so don't flame me. It goes a little something like this... "dancing devotion" "to the beat that I hear is what i see" forgot the next three sentenses, i can mumble it out.. then it goes "dancing to the rythym" "dance inside" forgot the next two sentences.. then...
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    Looking Up Old Flames--Good or Bad Idea?

    Do you ever feel like calling an Ex for whatever reason,perhaps you are trying to reconnect with a former lover in order to relive the past, and recapture some moment in time that you think you can only get by seeing them or hearing their voice.Or is it more about the way being with that person...
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    That Boy Diaz has bootlegged Bad Boy Joe

    Hello Freestyle Fans, Check out Scroll down to the bottom of the page and "click" on That Boy Freestyle Mix....then "click" on Summer Freestyle Mix. It appears that Nelson "That Boy" Diaz obviously has no self-respect. He has taken "Bad Boy Joe's" Freestyle...
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    Bad Boy Joe wants HOT NEW Freestyle Music

    Bad Boy Joe is looking for HOT NEW Freestyle Music for an upcoming Dance Compilation (to be announced). If you feel you truly have a strong track...and we mean STRONG, SLAMMIN', PHAT!... please contact us at Or you may forward a demo to: Bad Boy Joe c/o What If...
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    Bad Boy Joe Vol. 2???

    What do you guys think about the track listing on the Bad Boy Joe Vol. 2??? I like it but why did he put "The Mexican" again...It's a great song but he put that song on the first mix. Also do you guys know the exact date of release??? thanks.... Alex
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    I Need These Songs So Bad...

    I Posted This Before But I'll Try Again Since We Got Alot Of New Members... Does Anyone Have Tu Unique - Love You Till The End & Dont Want To Loose Your Love, The WHOLE Song, I Cant Seem To Find Anyone That Has This On MP3 Cant Even Find Theses Songs On Any Freestyle CD.. HELP ME PLEASE!!! :(
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    Bad Boy Joe needs your help

    To all Freestyle Fans out there. We need your help. We need to reach the label that own the following songs: 1.) Stevie B "Spring Love" 2.) C-Bank "I Won't Stop Loving You" 'Bad Boy Joe' Marcano & I wish to license these tracks for Vol.2 of The Best of Freestyle Megamix C.D. but we've been...
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    one bad thing about freestyle heaven 3

    The only thing i have to say that is bad about this CD is that the first track has to be fast forwarded about 1 minute to hear Science becuase of the intro which is basically Tony talking. It's not a bad thing that he is talking it's just that if you listen to the CD a few times through you...
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    A Bad Sign

    If all these artists are not going to do freestyle anymore, does this mean that the death of freestyle is at hand? Another thing, Jack said that the reason why he created this site was to see if freestyle had a chance but now that most of these important artists are moving on, will there be a...
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    Bad of the Heart

    ok, i noticed there were two bad of the heart versions, one by (duh) george lamond, and the other by loose touch. are these both the same songs here or are they different with just the same title?
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