1. DigitalTrack

    Calling All Nu-School/Old-School Artists

    For all of those we have not spoke to yet, interested in gigging at clubs in NYC and Cali (For Starters). Please contact Digital Track Productions via E-mail at , We are happy to announce we locked down some spots in both states...
  2. lilshygyrl

    all freestyle artists should join!

    myspace is so addicting, it would be cool if we can get as many artists to sign up for there own music page. Cynthia, Denine, Buffy, Tim Spinnin Schommer, Judy Torres are all on there, you can even put there songs on ur page( i got Too Kool Chris- Freestyle Forever on my page), its pretty cool
  3. T

    need help with artists

    hey i have 2 diff. songs that i have on cds but dont know the names of the artists..the first one is on a dj juanito cd:thinkin of goes... oooaaaahhh..lovin you.. here i stand alone wishing for you, you wipe my tears away knowing i want it oooh i just cant understand why you left me this...
  4. Colombian Harry

    Need to know the artists to these songs.

    Mad About You Who You Lovin' Tonight Time Tears of a Broken Heart Let me know. Thanks
  5. Company B

    Album-Worthy Freestyle artists that never cut an album.

    Here are "some" of my choices of artists that never released a full-length Freestyle album, that I beleive deserve/deserved one. 1. FASCINATION 2. VOYCE 3. CHASE 4. SOLID 5. CHRISSY I-EECE - (not including her Salsa album) 6. ALE' (of Expose') 7. SEBASTIAN 8. VOICE IN FASHION - (if they...
  6. Angelino

    ((((( Attention Freestyle Artists )))))

    I Have To Admit That These Songs Are The Bomb And I'm Proud Of Listening To Them Real Loud In My Car, Home And Even At Work....thank You For Recording Great Music Love To All....keep It Up .....when It Comes To Freestyle We Are All One....i'll Drink To
  7. L

    Favorite 2 New School Artists

    Favorite New School Artists Angelino Caleb B Manny Six2night Jessica Marie Jeannie
  8. SpeedTribe

    Artists Had Formal Music Training?

    Question to the music makers: Ok since there are many artists or people who know artists here, i have a general question regarding musical backgrounds and training. Basically, in those classic 80s and 90s freestyle songs that we all know, did all the singers have formal vocal training? music...
  9. Latin Nation

    Artists Performing on Telemundo 47

    This show is show in the Tristate Area which is the Morning News: SEPTEMBER 30TH - Aby OCTOBER 3RD - Ayna OCTOBER 11 - Latin Nation OCTOBER 13 - Combo Los Brillantes (I'm on here) OCTOBER 14 - Cheree OCTOBER 17 - Dengel So Remember Channel 47 Telemundo, Teteboro, NJ ,US - performing live on...
  10. C

    Suggest artists in the style of INFORMATION SOCIETY...

    I love Information Society and have been playing their first album a lot lately. Can you guys/gals suggest some other artists who have a similar (British sounding vocals, dramatic keyboards) sound? -los
  11. K

    Question for artists, managers, promoters, etc.

    Do any of the recording artists, artist managers, or concert promoters out there know what the situation is with the website: Does anyone know if this company and this website are still operational? Has the site been abondoned? It is supposedly a website that you can use...
  12. J

    New School Freestyle Artists - Keeping it Really Real!!

    New School Freestyle Artists Hello CF Peeps!!! This is your Man, The G Man coming at ya from CF headquarters here in Fabulous Brooklyn, New York. I want to comment on a few issues. 1) CF Peeps are the greatest fans I have ever met 2) CF Peeps have their own valuable opinions In...
  13. rock84

    any freestyle artists here affiliated with dos records?

    if so, what's the deal with the "freestyle-The Next Level Phase 2-The Beat Goes On" cds? was the project cancelled?
  14. imfromqueenz

    Autographed Pics from Various Artists Part 1

    1st is &More 2nd is FFWD 3rd is Nayobe
  15. T

    HELP! before memorex tape breaks! need artists

    I have a mixed tape from '91. I need lots of help anyone ever heard this song need artist NAME: MY GIRLY talkin' 'bout my girly cause my girly's oh so fine the way she's dressed I must confess my girly's right on time when i take her out all the guys stop and stare I love my girly and she loves...
  16. D

    Are Big Freestyle Artists going to ever come to Toronto again?

    I just wanted to see if anyone has heard anything or has ever seen someone like Timmy T. in Toronto or even George Lamond... Im just curious because almost five years ago Toronto had some huge freestyle concerts and these artists never did perform... Im just curious to see why that is....
  17. CandyLandGirl

    Top 10 Favorite artists....

    That are still around today since the 80s (Any kinda music) 1. Madonna 2. Prince 3. George Michael 4. Deborah Gibson 5. Cyndi Lauper 6. LL Cool J 7. Cher 8. Will Smith (aka Fresh Prince) 9. Whitney Houston 10. New Edition
  18. tearsoftechnology

    Promoters, Artists and Bands Read This!

    I like to see some in the freestyle community set a show or shows up for this cause....we are reaching to send a message and show what you can do when you work together.... Promoters, Artists and Bands Read This! An event that happens in every city that wants to participate featuring local...
  19. smoothrhythm

    Supporting Freestyle Music & Its Artists Part III

    O.K. here we go again.....please scroll down.... sike I got ya'll niccas again....Holllllllaaaaaa :bangbang
  20. smoothrhythm

    Supporting Freestyle Music & Its Artists Part II

    Oh I just had to start a new thread to be heard. Jack, this is in no way disrespectful to Clubfreestyle & its Moderators but I must respond to the closed thread... Naya you know as well as me that you are one of the greatest freestyle artists of all time. I will not allow you to get upset and...