1. H

    Miguel Angel

    Where Is Hear Say At
  2. 4

    Coro's Fallen Angel was about his Friend on DRUGS??

    Am I the only one that heard about this. Coro's "Fallen Angel" song is about someone close to him that was on Drugs. Now I get the lyrics, I paste them below, check for yourself. Rising high, in the morning and the night Feeling low, never knowing where you'll fall Hypnotized, nothing can...
  3. babyrain

    Angel Site

    Hey Guys, Angel got a new look and Web address Go check it out.
  4. J

    Javian Angel's Pix

    Well everyone i hope ya can see these pics i got there will be more along the way so check them out aight Mucho Love to everyone Javian Angel
  5. Dayer

    Dark Angel - Part Three

    So now part three is here You’ve waited in suspense When this story get ugly Please do not take offense Yes, her cherry was popped On that cold platform bed And those white sheets were stained Shades of Indian red As I sat in the darkness & watched this transpire I could not help but notice His...
  6. Dayer

    Dark Angel - Part Two

    If you never read "the dark angel of mercy" I will bup it up so that you understand why this poem is part two. A few of you read this already, don't feel you need to bust out a macro ;) ================================ Remember the story That I told you before? The one with the girl Who they...
  7. Melly22

    gabriel my angel

    this gabe at two months :dancepuff
  8. Dayer

    Fallen Angel

    Shadows hidden deep in fear Dreams of places far from here Smiles I could see right through Apologies way over due Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide God was never on my side Times were tough, but I stood tall I never let her have my all Memories will always haunt And yes those demons still will...
  9. Dayer

    The Dark Angel of Mercy

    One night a young girl Took a walk down the steet She was in quite a hurry She had someone to meet She was dressed all in black Well, except for the flag When she heard from the distance "Yeah, keep running, you fag" While turning the corner She noticed some men Not three or four guys It was...
  10. C

    I've Been Praying For a Angel???

    Who sing's this,"I've Been Praying For a Angel To come Down From the Skies Above...." i no yall heard it.
  11. mannyriv

    Visible Guardian Angel

    I had to go, Despite all the sadness In your eyes, You didn't know, How much it was Killing me inside, That someone, I care for, Has to feel, All this pain, If you, Knew how much, I'm quite sure, You wouldn't Feel this way, But everyone needs sometime, That is just Part of life, Even for...
  12. H

    WCYC Reunion VIII...w/ Former "Cover Girl" Angel...6/26/04 at Chicago's Studio 63...

    WCYC Reunion VIII...w/ Former "Cover Girl" Angel...6/26/04 at Chicago's Studio 63... Happy Summer time, all; How could I let so much time pass before I tipped you all off to the return of former "Cover Girl" Angel to the Chicagoland area! Angel will be performing at the eighth WCYC Reunion...
  13. heidee14

    Happy Biethday, Angel Love!

    Happy Birthday, Angel Love! :hbday Happy Birthday, to one of my Bro's...Angel! Hope you have wonderful day pa! Enjoy yourself! See ya soon! You owe me dinner! The best of Luck, Love & wishes to you! ya sis, hilda :spliff p.s. don't let Ty on your kidding Ty.
  14. H

    Aby Or Angel TKA?

    ist it aby or angel that was the real member of tka.. i'm confused. All I would hear is aby the former member of tka and then i would see tka's pictures and see another person.. Aby from tru voices was the member of tka when? And Angel when?

    fallen angel

    fallen angel from up above come down and give me all your love i will treat u like a preaty white dove with all my heart from the start fallen angel from up above you will be my shining star my fallen angel you will be the air i breath my fallen angel u will be my all i will do all i...
  16. MrsGwedoKing

    Bad News for Angel Fans :(

    Buffy will not be on Angel final episode.... :( :sosad
  17. melissa figueroa

    Angel from the cover girls

    SHe will be answering all questions you have for her this month on In the Interview section ..She will be answering all questions and so if there is anything you everwanted to know about this awsome artist shes there to reply.... I...
  18. A

    The show at LQ's promoted by Angel and Alex

    just wanted to let everybody know that i havnt done a show in ny for about a year now, but for some reason every time i do decide to put a show together, someone else decides to do one. but i know that this market is big enough for everyone, but give me a break. this shit is just straight out...
  19. MrsGwedoKing

    Angel fans

    Are there any Angel fans? Anybody watch Angel last night? Nya, I know your vampire self has to watch this show. lol :bat
  20. E

    Looking 4 Angel Mena's I need 2 know CD ???

    Can someone please tell me the record label he's under? Or a compilation CD this song might be in? Thanks in advance.