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Hey bro if you are still active hmu. I would love to get at that collection. Are you un mixing any yet and remixing to make instrumentals and accapellas and bassalines. Nice stuff out there these days.
Listened to Right from the Start and than took the bass line and vocals only for a nice smooth mix. India rocks with no accompaniament!
Hola FrEEjacK , yo tengo el Album de Monet pero en PC en formato de MP3, si te interesa... ???


I just joined this forum, and I see you did as well. What a merry coincidence. Since you're online and active right now, I wonder if you could help me find this freestyle song I've been looking for. Please, if you have the time, give it a listen and try to help. I'm really desperate.
I'm sorry but, from what I remember, I've never heard that song. Have you asked other members in the forum as well ? It sounds hauntingly beautiful. Please let me know if you find out.
Wow, you were here in the very beginning! Welcome back! :)
Hello! I got that email and has to see this for myself. This brings back so many memories. I spent so much time here. And I love how I can see all my old post SMH the stuff I wrote back then lol.
Sal Collaziano
Sal Collaziano
I hear ya! Me too. This place has been around a long time - and has a lot of memories to go with it. I hope to see a lot of our old friends sign in soon...
What's up buddy, i ran across your email online, im a big Dulaio Twinz fan, i was hoping you can help me out, i know of there 3 big songs (Troubled Love, I Love You So, No Reason For Tears) i heard they had couple more unreleased song's like Crying Inside (that Rocco took), Changing Love, Morning Star, and Summerfun, can you please give me any info on these songs or if you have a contact for them, any info would be great, i use to have a nice size record collection with alot of very rare records and i only kept one record and it was my signed copy of No Reason For Tears, i ****ed up and forgot to grab my Troubled Love record which had a sticker picture of them on the jacket, my ID was Anthony, hope to hear from you. Anthony