What Lies Behind A Smile


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Oct 20, 2004
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When I Think About All
That Has Gone Wrong
I Try To Be Strong
But My Heart Seems To Cry
Out Hide Behind A Smile
Nothing Is What It Seems
No One Knows Anothers Pain
Getting Court In The Rain
In The Middle Of A Storm
Words Are Spoken
Promises Not Ment To Be Broken
Tears Of Years Of Fear
Of One Day Braking
The Bond That Kept Us Together
I Weep In My Darkes Hours
I Throw My Hands Up
As If Giving Up Showning
The Sign Of Weaknes
As My Knees Seem To Buckle
With No Sign Of Struggle
I No Longer Stand
With My Face To The Ground
I Can Hear The Sound Of Hate
From My Mate
Is This My Fate
I Shout With In Close Doors
I Run To The Open Air
All Eyes On Me
As I Stubble And Fall
Feeling Free
In A White Sheeted Room
A Bright White Light
Came To See Me Threw
Not Letting Go I Hold On Tight
I Try To Fight To Stay Alive
For That I Wont Have To Rest
In Peace And See My Love Ones
Crying Out For Me
Once Again I Forgive
And Try To Forget
When My Man Put His Hands On Me