Wanna get skinny?

Sal Collaziano

Heavy Lies The Crown
Jan 3, 2001
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Palm Beach County, Florida
Well. I should probably change the title - but I bet it'll attract more attention as it stands. Men don't wanna get skinny - we just want to lose fat. Women, more often than not, want to "get skinny" - and here's how...

I know! You don't want to hear it.. Unfortunately, if it were easy to be thin - EVERYONE would be thin. It's hard work. But it really doesn't have to be THAT difficult!

Step 1. Wake up
Step 2. Get to some type of cardio machine (elliptical, aerobic bike, treadmill, etcetera).
Step 3. Start at 2.0-2.5mph and do 20 minutes BEFORE consuming any calories.

As you find 20 minutes is becoming too easy, increase the speed. As THAT becomes too easy (you're not sweating, not out of breath at all), increase the time up to 45 minutes.

What does this do? It burns FAT instead of calories or carbohydrates. When you first wake up in the morning, you're already burned most of your excess carbs while sleeping. Now you're ready to burn fat.

If you want to burn MORE fat later in the day, do some anaerobic activity (lift weights) for 40-45 minutes (the time required to empty your glycogen stores), then do an additional 20-40 minutes of cardio. If you can keep protein nearby, then do 30 minutes and take your protein right away. If you can't keep protein nearby, do 20 minutes and then go get your protein as soon as you can.

Consuming protein within 30 minutes of lifting weights will help you build muscle/tone. If you don't care about muscle tone, do the additional 40 minutes and get your protein later...

If you give this 3-4 weeks (I know, that sounds like the end of the world), eat healthy and stay consistent, you'll be receiving so many compliments that you'll never turn back.