Vulgarity in the form of greatness.


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Jun 6, 2004
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There was this old guy walking his dog down the road. I was driving down the same street and noticed the old guy was wearing a shirt that said "Up Yours". Taking this to offense I stepped on the gas and headed straight towards him. Seconds away from impact the old man kicks his dog, with an incredible force, towards my car. It smashes through my windshield. I swerved out of the way and crash into a tree. He then jumped on the hood and threws a grenade into the driver seat where I layed unconscience. A few seconds after I came to an explosion knocked me from my seat and out into the street. Wiping the debris off me I stood up and was faced to face with the old man. Smiling weakly, he raised his fist. I laughed at him. My laughter was cut short with an uppercut to the throat. Stunned, I took a couple of steps back. The old man took this oppurtunity to rush me. Catching myself I made a firm stance. Dodging his first punch I kneed him in the stomach. My elbow came down fiercly on the back of his neck. He fell to the ground, ead. The end. The moral of the story is...even though old people are old they still have a little life to them. Too bad its just not enough to compete with me cuz I rock. I'll whoop any old guy and his dog anytime. Bring it on Biotches....

-I'm sorry about the above. I had this huge fight with my brain and it decide to put me on the silent treatment. I got so pissed off I punched its face in.