La Mas Grande

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Jul 21, 2002
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No more thoughts of you, don't want to close my eyes and see your face, preferring to have dreamless nights that have you haunt them.
Don't want to cry anymore, my eyes are too sore, I want to smile again, but something continues to restrain me.
I want to forget you but you continue to creep into my thoughts, memories of a moments so long ago I often wonder if its a memory at all.

At the moment loving you seemed so right now it seems so naivette.
Our minds I thought connected, our souls seem to go hand in hand,my heart was truly yours,
but you left.

Not a word before although I understand why, I hatge that I cant nor will I hold you solely repsondsible for the carnage that was charge against my heart.

"Too Understanding" was a phrase you once used to describe me, I wonder was it a warning that as I blindly followed you.
I don't know why I choose to put these feelings on paper just that something inside of me compels me to do so.
Its still hard for me to look into the future and not see
you there beside me.
It's like you are the piece to a puzzle gthat I can't seem to finish or more like the ending of a game that has no winners.

I don't know what it is; just that I last night as I slept you were there, holding me, telling me to let go, and I have really try and to be honest I have let go a little but then the nights come and there you are again, holding me crying telling me to let go but how can I let go if you if you are still in my dreams.

Give me dreamless nights not ones filled with you, so that mayby will be cleansed of you, then maybe I will let go.