Un****inbelievable !!!!


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May 26, 2004
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This is bullshit, I can't ****in believe this shit, in one ****in' day gas has gone up 50 cents a gallon. WTF are we supposed to walk to work n' shit, soon everything else will go up cuz it takes gas to deliver, process, etc. If you're gonna travel expect to pay more, food expect to pay more, but dont expect to make more $$$. I understand what we bring in or process as of now to go up in price, but Heeeello the petroleum they've had, & been bought @ a lower price went up as well.... They're ****in us, & are going to continue to do it even harder. Analists are saying 4 dollars next week, this is a ****in' joke ! I'd hate to see the look on Hummer owners faces gettin' their 7 miles per gallon....Time for a hybrid !!!!!! I just hope this shit does'nt prolong & affect the heating prices for homes this winter, that'll be lovely huh !!!!!!!!!!!!