Trying to control


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Oct 20, 2004
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It’s never enough let me brake it down
At some point in my life I made a mistake
And mistook you to be my all
Like a teenage fool I fell in love
If I would of known what I now know
I would not be here trying to make since
Out of this big mess
You want things done your way
I should have no say
Time and time again I have proven
My loyalty
And come to blows with realty
That has come to bite me
Keeping a part all that matters
Far from the truth at hand
Like a drop of sand
Aim drifting to the sea
Droning in self pity
Wondering when to come up
For air
Locked in my own ways
What aim I trying to say
Aim tired of the same thing
Different day
I look for answers from a higher power
But that dose not seem to work
For my mind wonders far
I keep ever thin locked in a jar
To one day open
And not try to fight
And make a wrong into a right
Not everything has to be your way
Or the high way
In that case I will take the subway