The Strangest Smile


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Oct 20, 2004
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Poem The Strangest smile

Aim not the only one out there trying
To make it
Trying to fake it
Trying to shake away the rain
Every time we meet
I have to have both feet
On the solid ground
Were I can be found
Were the sounds of pain?
Keeps bring in me down
So I have to fake
For goodness sake
A smile for all to see
What’s happing to me?
I keep under lock and key
To forgive but not forget
Is not easy when the road
You chose is not clear
And you run right into
In coming danger and
The person coming at
You is no stranger
There is no changing
Lanes for it all leads
To the same address
Were it all takes place
Your heart starts to race
Your eyes start to cry
Your hands start to shake
As you make a run for it
He pulls you back
With babe
I want you to stay I will change
Deep down inside you know
You can’t change a stranger
That’s who he has become to you
Someone you don’t even know
Anymore so open up the door
And set your self free
You don’t need to live this way
Anymore you’re too good
You can do better this is my heart
Telling me to brake free
But is not going to be easy
Take one step at a time
Until you can run again
Run with the wind blown kisses
At you and the stars hugging you
And the night keeping you warm
And the stars guiding you all
The way
It will get better as time goes bye
So say goodbye ant don’t you cry
Don’t look back not even at the past
What went wrong will make you strong
Get on the road to recovering your
Broken heart will mend sending
You messages of a true love again